Make no mistakes about it, an employee advocacy program is a boon to any company’s digital content marketing strategies; however, to reap the full benefits, you first need to ensure your employees JOIN your program. We’ve analyzed our data and have uncovered the top 4 reasons that keep employees from joining an employee advocacy program.

The era of advocacy marketing is officially here! Don’t let inaccurate observations and preconceived notions stop you from building an audience of loyal fans; read on to discover the 4 most common misconceptions about advocacy marketing and how an advocacy program can help your brand drive measurable results!

Ready to build the best advocacy marketing program possible for your brand? Incorporate these three features into your existing SocialToaster program and take your advocacy marketing efforts to the next level!

Back-to-school spending hit $83.6 billion in 2017. If you want to build a successful advocacy marketing program to carve out your cut of these sales, you need to start putting the pieces together months before shopping begins.

It takes strategy, foresight, and a key understanding of your audience to build a successful advocacy marketing program. Here are six key questions that, once answered, can help you fine-tune your program and make it run stronger than ever before!

An employee advocacy program can not only help your content get seen, but can also help you get more life out of your already published content pieces. Learn how to repurpose your existing content and promote it with an advocacy marketing program to maximize your content's return on investment!

It gets harder for colleges and universities to meet enrollment targets each year. Find out how SocialToaster and the power of advocacy marketing can help both public and private schools reach their enrollment goals!

An advocacy marketing program is ripe with actionable data and is the perfect environment for conducting market research. Learn how SocialToaster can help you garner key insights about your fanbase and their lifestyles!

Content is what gives your advocacy marketing efforts life. The stronger your content strategy, the greater your earned media value and program ROI. Learn how to tweak your strategy to enhance your advocacy efforts!

We've done the research and compiled 21 stats that prove that user-generated content should be a focus of your digital marketing strategy. Learn why brands large and small are leveraging UGC for a variety of marketing efforts - and how you can too!

Americans spend $23.6B annually for Mother's Day and online shoppers spend 38% more than their offline counterparts. Focusing on your online social marketing efforts can be the key to increasing revenue. Learn how using a SocialToaster program to solicit, curate and distribute Mother’s Day-themed user-generated content can help your brand capitalize on this spending trend!

An advocacy marketing program can hit various podcast marketing objectives including increasing podcast listenership, sharing teasers and bloopers, understanding your audience, and earning those precious 5-star reviews. Learn 6 methods to launch and grow your podcast's advocacy marketing program!

More than 50% of businesses have tried their hand at creating Instagram Stories, much to their benefit, and SocialToaster clients are no different. Find out how our own brilliant clients are leveraging Instagram Stories to help drive recruits into their SocialToaster advocacy marketing program!

With so much invested in Mother’s Day marketing, it’s critical for brands to ensure their marketing messages are seen by their target demo. That’s why more and more brands are leveraging the power of advocacy marketing to help spread the word about in-store celebrations, new product launches, and upcoming sales. Whatever your goal for Mother’s Day, advocacy marketing can help your brand crush it.

Ninety-three percent of marketers say that influencer marketing helps to build brand awareness and 76% say it can help bolster customer loyalty. Find out how advocacy marketing can help you reach your brand awareness goals.

New product launches can be a thing of beauty, bringing in millions of dollars in new sales revenue. They can also be the stuff of nightmares and “lessons learned” post-mortems. Ensure your product launch is a rousing success by empowering your brand advocates to spread the word about your latest product to their friends and family through an advocacy marketing campaign.

Conversions are why you even have an online presence. As your biggest, loudest supporters, learn why and how your advocates can help drive a variety of valuable conversions.

All across the food and beverage industry, marketers are increasing their advocate and influencer marketing efforts - and budgets. Learn how to drive high-quality, high-performing users into your advocacy marketing program to maximize your brand exposure.

The top 13% of businesses make more than $20 for every dollar they spend on influencer marketing, but only 15% of B2B companies are currently engaged in influencer marketing. Learn how to break out of that bottom 85% by elevating your employees into Market Influencers! #STPromo

Don't let poor design aesthetics hurt your advocacy marketing program's success. Implement these seven best practices when building your advocacy marketing program to ensure your advocates have a simple, seamless brand experience.

If you're a venue or event that uses a ticketing platform to handle event admission, you're going to want to check out our ticket lottery system. Learn why it is one of our most popular and successful ticket sales driving tools and how you can put it to work!

SocialToaster is excited to announce that its client, Avocados From Mexico, has topped the 2018 Big Game social media brand mention charts for the second year in a row!

Not only does video drive stronger engagement on social media than link or image posts, video also enables brands to better build an emotional connection with their viewer. Check out our recommended best practices for using video to market your tourism industry destination.

It takes 7 to 13 touch points to turn a qualified lead into a buyer. An employee advocacy program that focuses on your social selling initiatives can be a prospect-nurturing game changer.

Expected to be worth $10B by 2020, the influencer marketing industry continues to grow in bounds. Learn the 5 items that, despite it's rapidly-expanding market, will need to stay consistent for brands and individual publishers to continue to thrive.

The influencer marketing industry was estimated to be worth $2B in 2017 and 55% of marketers report plans to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2018. Find out how Influencer marketing will evolve to meet increasing demands, both for influencers and tangible ROI, in 2018.

If your brand is publishing content to Facebook, that content will have even less organic visibility than it does now thanks to new algorithm changes Facebook recently unveiled. Check out these four ways to increase your chances of getting your content shown despite Facebook's change!

Many universities are using advocacy marketing programs - a potent mix of word-of-mouth marketing and social advertising - to distribute digital content and increase awareness of their programs, events, and initiatives. Find out how your school can implement an advocacy program and turn your alumni, students, professors, and staff into digital ambassadors!

All too often, brands are riding high after a strong holiday sales period, only to crash back to earth in January. Find out how to take this new interest in your products and strike while the iron is hot, turning it into a sales-driving machine with an advocacy marketing program.

2018 is the year of advocacy marketing. Don’t just take our word for it though, join us on this New Year’s journey as we share 18 advocacy marketing stats for 2018!

Think advocacy marketing programs are just for brands and corporations? Think again! Advocacy programs are used by cities, towns, chambers of commerce, state agencies, and other municipal organizations to drive national awareness for tourism and business growth. Learn how your locality can harness the power of advocacy marketing!

Stop spending thousands to promote your content! If you don’t already have an advocacy marketing program, 2018 is the perfect time to start one up. Learn how advocacy marketing can fight the decline of organic reach.

Every employee on your company payroll provides an opportunity to reach new customers, potential partners, and fresh talent. Tap into the social-sharing power of your employees with these five end-of-year content topics and give your posts a visibility boost this holiday season!

A thriving business knows success comes from maximizing the lifetime value (LTV) of a customer - or how much revenue a specific customer brings your business over that customer's lifetime. Learn how you can extend your customer's LTV using advocacy marketing!

While big box stores are getting hit hard by online shopping, smaller and mid-sized retailers have been presented with a huge opportunity to carve out their piece of market share. Learn three data-driven strategies that can help brick-and-mortar thrive in today’s digital-first world!

If you’re not creating opportunities to let your advocates also be customers, you’re missing out on a key revenue-driving opportunity. Learn some of the most successful tactics our clients are using to drive advocate sales.

Take charge of your brand's fans and customers and use them to drive new and repeat sales. Learn how a brand advocacy program can help push your customers through every step of your sales funnel, from awareness to after purchase.

Expressing gratitude is a vital - and often overlooked - part of nurturing a relationship with your brand advocates. Learn how to show your appreciation for their hard work now to get them to advocate more for you when you need them.

User-generated content is powerful - 76% of those surveyed are more likely to trust content shared by "normal people" than content shared by brands. Find out how you can encourage your brand’s Superfans to create and publish branded content to their social feeds.

If you want your advocates to share your content regularly, you need to cultivate a habit of sharing. Learn how you can train your advocates to share your content more often!

Many Ecommerce brands choose to only sell their wares on Amazon, but relying on Amazon for all your sales carries a large amount of risk. Learn how to drive traffic directly to your Ecommerce store to take control your company's sales!

There are a variety of reasons why fashion and beauty brands should cultivate engagement on Instagram. Learn how your brand can leverage user-generated content on Instagram to generate engagement and drive sales.

There is a lot to consider when building an international advocacy marketing program - from legality to native language. Learn how to prepare your brand for it's global advocacy initiative launch!

If you're looking to leverage your Everyday Fans or Micro-Influencers to drive your brand’s marketing, you need to understand why they would consider sharing your content in the first place. Learn how to create content that supports their drive to share and earn your brand more content engagement, further reach, and a stronger return on content production costs.

The question isn’t will organic reach drop to 0% on Facebook; the question is when will the drop happen. Any brand relying on Facebook for sales and web traffic needs to put together a plan for the inevitable end of organic reach.

Even the best manual advocacy marketing management system is going to eventually fall short. Switching to a dedicated advocacy marketing platform can improve both your advocacy program and your work life. Find out how!

The city of Arlington, Texas recently launched an advocacy marketing campaign with a big bang, so we broke down their strategy to see what the keys to their success are. Learn how to get more recruits into your advocacy platform faster!

Learn the most common advocacy marketing mistakes brands are making and how you can avoid these pitfalls on the road to success!

If you want to drive advocacy marketing campaign results, you need to recruit more advocates. Learn where and how to recruit new advocates to grow your advocacy marketing program and earn more engagement!

When a short-term advocacy marketing campaign ends, brands are typically left asking, "Now what?" Learn how to turn your short-term campaign into an evergreen campaign and keep those advocates working for you!

Short-term advocacy marketing campaigns can support a myriad of marketing goals including building attention around a new product/event, growing an email list or social following, or hitting quarterly or year-end sales goals. Learn how two SocialToaster clients took advantage of a short-term campaign to exceed their goals - and how you can too!

Crossing your fingers and hoping that someone talks about your brand isn’t a marketing strategy. Find out how an advocacy marketing program can organize your fans so they work in tandem to deliver branded messaging to their social media channels.

In a world full of boring professional service and IT company marketing, it’s up to your brand to create content that consumer advocates can’t wait to share to their networks. Learn how to strike a balance between being useful and being fun and get your fans engaging with your content!

Earned media is often described as one of the most trusted forms of branded communication. Find out what the heck earned media is and how you can take advantage of it to drive valuable digital engagements.

It takes more than seven touch points for an Ecommerce site to convert a prospect into a paying customer. We explain how to leverage the power of advocacy marketing to increase site traffic and drive more conversions.

Marketers are turning to their brand advocates and influencers to help share corporate marketing messages. Learn how to measure the success of your advocacy marketing efforts, no matter what your goal is.

Word-of-Mouth marketing is a powerful tool for driving sales: small and medium businesses get 60% of their sales thanks to word-of-mouth and referral marketing. The writing's on the wall: if you want to grow your sales, implement a better word-of-mouth marketing strategy. Learn how to initiate conversations and create opportunities that get your customers talking!

The average cost to fill an open position is $4,000 and 46% of recruiters do not have enough applicants to cover open positions. Integrating employee advocacy into your recruitment strategy could save you big on hiring costs and land your next (or your first) 10-year employee.

When social media is part of a buyer’s journey, brands see a 129% higher conversion rate. Use these ideas to generate social interactions with prospective customers and watch your sales grow!

Brands need to focus on creating content that drives customer action to impact their bottom line. But how? We break down the four steps to get your content working overtime.

User-Generated Content is a vital part of any successful social and digital marketing strategy. Deploying UGC correctly can bolster social engagement, increase leads and drive sales.

Employee advocacy isn’t about commandeering your employee’s social channels. It's about inspiring your employees to advocate on behalf of your brand. Find out which content topics employees engage most with to maximize your program!

While there's no way to ensure any specific content goes "viral", there are several factors you can control to ensure your content is "viral-friendly."

Take your advocacy marketing efforts to the next level! Learn these advanced Facebook advocacy marketing tactics and get your advocates to create content, Go Live, and close the sale.

88% of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchase decisions; like it or not, your brand is thriving or dying because of reviews. What can you do to earn more (and better) reviews?

Using buying personas to help segment your content creation and marketing strategy has huge benefits. Learn how to build buying personas for your company and how SocialToaster brand advocates can help!

The most expensive cost metric in marketing is the cost to acquire a new customer. Find out how an advocacy marketing program can help customer retention and encourage repeat purchases?

Big data and data-driven marketing aren’t groundbreaking concepts. Find out how to utilize your advocacy marketing program data to enhance your other marketing initiatives!

84% of your customers are asked questions about your product by prospective customers. Learn how to train and empower your brand advocates to answer questions in a way that pushes your brand forward and ultimately produces a sale!

It takes consumers over 9 site visits to before they make a purchase, so retargeting your visitors is critical to closing a customer. Brands that have organized their Superfans into an advocacy marketing program have a variety of ways to utilize their membership database to build profitable remarketing audiences.

The modern American consumer has evolved, with the most rapid change happening since the advent of the internet. Learn how to adapt your marketing strategy to reach the ever-changing customer!

Paid advertising has traditionally been tourism's go-to marketing tactic. With ad costs on the rise, destinations should look to advocacy marketing as a way to credibly impact potential consumers.

More than 46% of churches say that social media is the most effective method of outreach. Find out how an advocacy marketing program can help enhance this outreach and get members sharing your content with friends and family!

Misperceptions of Superfans abound! Today, we debunk the five most common misconceptions of the Superfan and their value to brands and marketers!

In the old days, SEO was mainly about driving traffic to a website and upping your ratings in any way you could. But search engines like Google soon grew wise to these kinds of deceptive tactics, instigating controls to sniff out dubious rankings. This is one of the reasons influencers can be so powerful

Video accounts for nearly 70% of internet consumer traffic and is showing no signs of decreasing in the future. To stand out, you need to work to ensure your brand video is a cut above the rest.

The cost of digital advertising is rising five times faster than inflation in the US. So what are digital marketers doing instead?

Gone are the days of the biggest ad in the Yellow Pages winning business by default. We are squarely in an age of collective intelligence, where each experience and encounter matters, as it will be broadcast and shared.

Attracting and retaining customers in a discount-fueled marketplace can be tricky. Customers grow to expect a certain level of quality based on price. Meet and exceed customer expectations, and you will build customers for life who come to you for their needs first - regardless of your price point.

The conclusion of our three-part look at advocacy marketing programs. Tips from our own clients on what to consider before you sit down with a potential vendor.

Much like the old adage of the tree falling in the woods, is your marketing content really “good” if no one is around to see it? Here are 4 tips for increasing the organic reach of your social media posts.

Last week we broke down the basic ins-and-outs of an Advocacy Marketing Program, or the umbrella program that you use to organize and activate your Everyday Fans and brand advocates.

In an age when businesses are utilizing social media as their primary (and sometimes only) tool for marketing, it can be disheartening to see a sudden drop in marketing effectiveness. Here are 4 ways to improve social media engagement.

We're breaking down Advocacy Marketing Programs to show how a brand's Everyday Fans can be activated to help solve the common headaches of dwindling organic reach and content engagement on social media.

We’ve laid out some tips to help brand's take their employee advocacy program to new heights by focusing their efforts on recruiting an often overlooked employee group, the average employee.

Earlier this week we posted an article that focused on the FTC guidelines for influencer marketing, and what brands can do to ensure their messaging is compliant. Our friends over at mediakix have also been posting on the same topic and have put together the below infographic to shed some light on the current state of the Instagram influencer marketing space. 

The Instagram influencer marketing space alone is officially worth over $1B. Brands are collectively paying over a billion dollars a year to have celebrities, influencers, micro-influencers, and their everyday fans promote their brands on Instagram.

Happy National Doughnut Day! Time to hurry over to your nearest Dunkin’ or Krispy Kreme donut shop and get in touch with your inner Homer Simpson with FREE donuts! MMMMM...DONUTS… Established in 1938, this time honored holiday was originally to celebrate the women who served food to soldiers during World War I. Keeping that in mind, we can now all celebrate by indulging in some fried, doughy, and delicious treats.

Over the past couple weeks, we took a deep look at two influencer marketing archetypes, the Micro-Influencer and the Everyday Fan, and broke them down.

We’ve all heard of the “cat cafe” trend, and may have even suffered a few arm scratches while trying to enjoy a cappuccino in the company of an adorable and furry friend, but has this pet cafe trend taken things a step too far? Meet the “Dungeon”, San Francisco's new pop-up restaurant and very own rat cafe. For the low price of $50, rat cafe patrons can sip their coffee and enjoy a show and history lesson, all while surrounded by scurrying rats.

Last week we introduced you to two sets of influencers that brands utilize to support their influencer marketing efforts: The Micro-Influencer (influencers with network size between 5k-90k) and your brand’s Everyday Fans (individuals that follow your brand on social media and regularly engage with your content). In today’s post, we’ll take a closer look at some additional differences between these two types of influencers.

The Great Cookie Caper is on! A 26-year old Girl Scout leader in Kentucky has been charged with the heist of the season - felony theft of $26,000 worth of Girl Scout cookies. Leah Ann “Thin Mint” Vick hasn’t been seen since she picked up around 6,200 boxes of cookies in February and literally disappeared. Kentucky State Troopers arrested her on Tuesday - but the cookies have yet to be found.

As the influencer marketing trend continues to take hold on marketing budgets nationwide, brands are taking a deep look at an emerging influencer classification: the Micro-Influencer. But what is a Micro-Influencer and how do they compare to an Everyday Fan, the person that engages with your brand on a regular basis on your social networks?  Over the next couple weeks, we’ll break down the difference between the Everyday Fan and the Micro-Influencer. 

Why the Dramatic Rise in Influencer Marketing?

Melissa McCarthy takes over social media this week in preparation for her upcoming SNL episode. McCarthy gears up for her performance by lip-syncing the tune “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story as she transforms into her oh-so-pretty role of Secretary Spicer. And in other musical treasures, don’t miss Chris Pine’s hunky lip-sync battle on last week’s late night show as well.

Even though we’re well into the era of social networks, VR, and wearables, the grand-digital-daddy communication tool, the humble email, is still one of the top tools for reaching your current and potential customers. Our society, from logins to workflow, is hardwired to email communications. As with all communication networks, the true value of the medium depends on how many individuals you can reach with it.

Has your Instagram feed been overtaken by the same image of a model in a red swimsuit? Earlier this week Sunny Co. Clothing announced that "EVERYONE" who posted that photo to Instagram would receive a free swimsuit, vastly underestimating how many 'grammers would be enticed by such an amazing offer. Sunny Co. tried to get a handle on the (immediately) overwhelming amount of engagement by announcing a limit to the contest after the fact, but the damage had already been done.

At SocialToaster, we pride ourselves in turning our clients into social media bosses, teaching them the ultimate boss move: proving a return on a marketing investment. For SocialToaster clients, this success indicator is typically tied to Earned Media Value (EMV), and we’re proud to be able to help our clients generate up to an 8x – 10x return on earned media when they manage a fan advocacy program.

If you thought the ‘plastic knee-window jeans’ were bad, or the crop tops so cropped they’re not even cropped - get a load of the latest pricey trend to take over the shelves at Nordstrom. Movin’ on from the ‘distressed jean’ look, the department store is now selling “fake mud jeans”. Denim pants that are literally designed to look like you took a nasty tumble in the mud (or that you really love gardening).

This just in - the Instagram influencer marketing space has officially become a $1B business! Brands are spending bookoo deniro partnering with Instagrammers that have amassed large followings to drive new sales. For good reason too. TV viewership in the coveted 18–24 year-old demographic has dropped over 35% since 2011.

With Earth Day coming up this weekend (April 22nd yo!), there are plenty of ways to celebrate and advocate for our planet.