When you think Mercedes-Benz you probably think luxurious, classy, and (most likely) expensive. For many millennials, the thought of owning a Mercedes-Benz is something that they have only wistfully day dreamt about while working their entry-level jobs. But recently, Mercedes-Benz wanted to change all that with the release of their first-ever, modestly priced,  compact SUV–the GLA.

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What’s more American than football? Trick question, nothing is more American than football (although this is pretty close). That makes the New England Patriots, a team named after the people that fought for America's independence, the most American thing about America.
With more than 15 million packages delivered every day, (enough to give every person in Mumbai a present) UPS has become the first choice for parcel delivery for millions of people worldwide. Most recently Dean Martin has stepped in to help show that UPS does more than just deliver your latest online purchase, they also provide logistic solutions.
American mornings are run on two things: Al Roker's weather reports and Dunkin Donuts coffee. With over 6,700 locations from Maine to Los Angeles it's an understatement to say that "America Runs on Dunkin.” Throw in the 10,000+ locations around the world and it looks more and more like this running thing is a global trend. On any given day they serve up over 52 varieties (and counting) of donuts and countless other breakfast offerings.

A few years back in an effort to curb labor costs, Walmart laid-off Smiley Face. In January, it said goodbye to its door greeters, which some pundits speculated would be replaced by offshore call centers or robots. But instead, the CMO launched a local social media initiative just before the holiday shopping season. Good timing, as retailers registered $1.3 billion in sales on Cyber Monday alone, totaling $61.8B for Q4 2011.