Americans spend $23.6B annually for Mother's Day and online shoppers spend 38% more than their offline counterparts. Focusing on your online social marketing efforts can be the key to increasing revenue. Learn how using a SocialToaster program to solicit, curate and distribute Mother’s Day-themed user-generated content can help your brand capitalize on this spending trend!

An advocacy marketing program can hit various podcast marketing objectives including increasing podcast listenership, sharing teasers and bloopers, understanding your audience, and earning those precious 5-star reviews. Learn 6 methods to launch and grow your podcast's advocacy marketing program!

More than 50% of businesses have tried their hand at creating Instagram Stories, much to their benefit, and SocialToaster clients are no different. Find out how our own brilliant clients are leveraging Instagram Stories to help drive recruits into their SocialToaster advocacy marketing program!

New product launches can be a thing of beauty, bringing in millions of dollars in new sales revenue. They can also be the stuff of nightmares and “lessons learned” post-mortems. Ensure your product launch is a rousing success by empowering your brand advocates to spread the word about your latest product to their friends and family through an advocacy marketing campaign.

Conversions are why you even have an online presence. As your biggest, loudest supporters, learn why and how your advocates can help drive a variety of valuable conversions.

Don't let poor design aesthetics hurt your advocacy marketing program's success. Implement these seven best practices when building your advocacy marketing program to ensure your advocates have a simple, seamless brand experience.

If you're a venue or event that uses a ticketing platform to handle event admission, you're going to want to check out our ticket lottery system. Learn why it is one of our most popular and successful ticket sales driving tools and how you can put it to work!

Every employee on your company payroll provides an opportunity to reach new customers, potential partners, and fresh talent. Tap into the social-sharing power of your employees with these five end-of-year content topics and give your posts a visibility boost this holiday season!

While big box stores are getting hit hard by online shopping, smaller and mid-sized retailers have been presented with a huge opportunity to carve out their piece of market share. Learn three data-driven strategies that can help brick-and-mortar thrive in today’s digital-first world!

If you’re not creating opportunities to let your advocates also be customers, you’re missing out on a key revenue-driving opportunity. Learn some of the most successful tactics our clients are using to drive advocate sales.

Expressing gratitude is a vital - and often overlooked - part of nurturing a relationship with your brand advocates. Learn how to show your appreciation for their hard work now to get them to advocate more for you when you need them.

The city of Arlington, Texas recently launched an advocacy marketing campaign with a big bang, so we broke down their strategy to see what the keys to their success are. Learn how to get more recruits into your advocacy platform faster!

Learn the most common advocacy marketing mistakes brands are making and how you can avoid these pitfalls on the road to success!

If you want to drive advocacy marketing campaign results, you need to recruit more advocates. Learn where and how to recruit new advocates to grow your advocacy marketing program and earn more engagement!

When a short-term advocacy marketing campaign ends, brands are typically left asking, "Now what?" Learn how to turn your short-term campaign into an evergreen campaign and keep those advocates working for you!

Crossing your fingers and hoping that someone talks about your brand isn’t a marketing strategy. Find out how an advocacy marketing program can organize your fans so they work in tandem to deliver branded messaging to their social media channels.

In a world full of boring professional service and IT company marketing, it’s up to your brand to create content that consumer advocates can’t wait to share to their networks. Learn how to strike a balance between being useful and being fun and get your fans engaging with your content!

It takes more than seven touch points for an Ecommerce site to convert a prospect into a paying customer. We explain how to leverage the power of advocacy marketing to increase site traffic and drive more conversions.

Marketers are turning to their brand advocates and influencers to help share corporate marketing messages. Learn how to measure the success of your advocacy marketing efforts, no matter what your goal is.

Video accounts for nearly 70% of internet consumer traffic and is showing no signs of decreasing in the future. To stand out, you need to work to ensure your brand video is a cut above the rest.

At SocialToaster, we pride ourselves in turning our clients into social media bosses, teaching them the ultimate boss move: proving a return on a marketing investment. For SocialToaster clients, this success indicator is typically tied to Earned Media Value (EMV), and we’re proud to be able to help our clients generate up to an 8x – 10x return on earned media when they manage a fan advocacy program.

Here’s to the universities that made the tassel worth the hassle! Whether you’re a recent graduate or getting ready to celebrate your 50th reunion, your chosen place of matriculation plays a huge role in your life. At SocialToaster, we’ve had the privilege of working with dozens of universities across the country. While we are able to assist schools with a plethora of various marketing needs, Giving Days and SocialToaster have proven to be a winning combination.

Nothing brings people together like good food. And that is exactly what Better Than Bouillon intends to do! Its Creative Cooks Club campaign is stirring things up with innovative recipes that will whisk you away (Get it, the puns practically write themselves!). The central aim of the campaign is to create a consumer invested program that targets females, especially those hard-working mothers out there, who are looking for a new, fun, and exciting way to cook up their favorite Better Than Bouillon products. The goal is to encourage members to share the recipes and meals they made with their friends, family, and the rest of their social media following.

When it comes to your Superfan base, the more the merrier, and any holiday provides the perfect reason to keep reminding your fans to bring more friends to the party! Whether you have the day off or not, all holidays, from Arbor Day and Halloween, to St. Patrick’s Day and the local Harvest Festival, promote community, togetherness, and bonding (you know, sort of like your SocialToaster program).

Remember when we said all prizes come in different shapes and sizes, depending on budget, audience, etc.? Let’s take that thought process a step further and, repeat after us: “Not all prizing has to be physical, material things.” If the idea of using a physical “gimme” makes you nervous or will blow your marketing budget, go ahead and scratch gift cards, t-shirts, and stickers off of that list of yours and focus your attention on digital downloads.

Not every brand or client can award the biggest and best(est) prize ever. We understand that all prizes come in different shapes and sizes, depending on budget, audience, etc. If you’re looking for some inexpensive - and yet still exciting - “out-of the-box” prizes, we have some ideas that’ll keep the wallet in-check but still create a buzz among your Superfans and get them excited to engage with your brand again.

Sports fans are some of the most dedicated and enthusiastic fans in the world. Seriously, we’ve all seen it. The Canadiens in Boston.

SocialToaster works with brands big and small, but #ICYMI we also work closely with agencies. By partnering with SocialToaster, agencies can innovatively set themselves apart from the competition while providing more value to their clients. As we all know, more value means more client security and revenue!

Is the electricity industry really all that electrifying? Shockingly, Bounce Energy will make you believe so! This Texas-based electricity provider, along with the help of SocialToaster, is using innovative ways to connect with their local audience, spread the word about energy efficiency and increase their online presence. This brand will enLIGHTen you on how being fresh and relatable with creative content allows you to connect with your customers. (Brace yourself: this post contains so many puns it hertz).

So your SocialToaster short-term contest or sweepstakes has run its course. Now what? As a great marketer once said, or at least we think so, “Don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy because it’s not stopping!” Just because a sweepstakes is over, doesn’t mean that your SocialToaster program is complete! It’s actually just the start. Everyone that joined during the contest is there, ready to be utilized as your promotional army for as long as you want!

Did you know that there are around 205 billion emails sent per day? So naturally, email marketing has become a pillar in brands’ marketing strategies. But what does it take to make your brand’s emails stand out amongst the rest in a user’s inbox? Your email open rate (EOR) is a key indicator of how well a campaign is performing.

We all know climate change is happening (unless you’re Donald Trump who just believes in conspiracy theories). During the first part of this year, SocialToaster was lucky enough to partner with the Alliance for Climate Education to spread awareness that climate change exists and is a problem. ACE hosts live, in-school assemblies and empowers youths to take action.

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘healthcare?’ If the vision of a somber, sterile, fluorescently-lit hospital popped into your mind, you’re not alone. Medical centers and hospitals are not known for being the most fun or exciting brands. However, one of our clients is proving that idea to be false. They are connecting with their local audience with fun branded content and prizes, and engaging personal communication. Take out your notepad, we’re about to give you the prescription for making a presumed “uninteresting” brand exciting.





Countdown to Memorial Day (as of Monday, May 23, 2016): t-minus 6 days! This is not a drill people! We’re unofficially celebrating summer at SocialToaster with Part II of our summer kickoff (check out Part I here). Thinking doesn’t happen during summer so we’ve done it for you! We’ve got 25 ideas for your summer-themed swag.






Kick-off meeting, check. Prizing and rules are set, check. Creative assets are in the works, check. Your SocialToaster program is almost ready! Before you begin, you’ll want to make sure you’re familiar with all the best tips and tricks to get the most out of your fans! After all, happy fans make a happy brand. As we’re checking off items on our to-do list and wrapping things up for launch, we’ve gathered some of our best advice practices to help you evaluate and optimize your SocialToaster program.

At SocialToaster, we get to work with a wide-range of fun, exciting brands who run some pretty outstanding programs (and award really cool prizes).

Let’s take it back to Digital Marketing 101 for a second. As we all know, there are several different types of traffic channels for your site: paid, earned, social, organic, etc.  For a refresher, just check out the Acquisition tab in your Google Analytics account. Too many times we see our clients segment their SocialToaster campaign (as well as their other marketing efforts), keeping ST as its own channel cloistered away from other marketing initiatives.

Every brand knows that the winter holidays are a great time to get people excited about their offerings. Potential customers are in a spending (and hopefully giving) frenzy that allows brands the opportunity to stuff their own stocking a little. The only problem is that everyone is doing it. Given this, it is important for your brand to try and do something unique to give your campaign a little jingle bell rock.

We’ve come up with a few ideas below to help get your audience engaged this holiday season. Come check it out.

Holiday Themed Prizing

If you do any type of content marketing, then you probably know what it’s like when your audience starts to get a little content fatigued. You know, seeing the same content over and over (and over and over…) The symptoms: fewer likes and comments, and almost no shares or re-tweets. Keeping your audience engaged is a real challenge, after all, social media is a beast that needs to be fed by content, but it’s also a beast that rewards variety.

Employee advocacy is a very powerful communications tool. This shouldn’t come across as a surprise. After all, when outside-audiences see that people who spend their days working for a company (and thus know the ins-and-outs of the company) actually like working there and take pride in their products or services, that audience is bound to think more positively about the company.

Here are our tips on ways to make your biggest fans feel appreciated.

For DJs, having a good relationship with their fans is vital to a successful career. By maintaining a healthy and active fan base they increase their value as a performer, as well as drive ticket, album sales and festival invites. Given this, several DJs have turned to SocialToaster’s custom fan engagement platform.

Retail businesses live and die by their foot traffic. For these stores, it’s all about getting the customer through their doors. SocialToaster has a great reputation for helping clients drive online awareness and sales, but did you also know a SocialToaster program can be effective at driving offline sales at the local level?

Our approach to utilizing social media to drive in store traffic includes:

Traffic Driving Strategy 1: Use SocialToaster To Announce New Product Lines

When it comes to your SocialToaster program, chances are you’re running one of two types of campaigns: Evergreen (ongoing) or Short-Term (30 to 90 days). For this blog post, we’re going to focus on short-term campaigns and what you can do when a short-term campaign ends.

One of the first questions we’re asked by agencies when it comes to considering fan advocacy solutions for their clients is “Why?” And while, in our humble opinion, the benefits of offering a fan advocacy option with SocialToaster are numerous, most agencies use SocialToaster to expand service offerings for clients and add a new revenue stream for themselves.

A common question we get from new clients is, “Hey guys, the program is working great but is there anything else I can do to drive new recruits?” The short answer is, “Yes!” The longer answer is laid out in this here blog post.

If our recent blog posts and infographic didn’t tip you off, we’re big fans of Instagram. We love how engaged its users are, and how easy it can be to set up and execute challenges and contests on this photo-sharing Goliath of a social media platform. To make sure you're getting the most out of your Instagram contests, check out these tactics that have been put to the test by some of our biggest clients.

This month we've chosen six-time Stanley Cup winners, The Chicago Blackhawks, as our client spotlight! The Blackhawks have been dazzling Chicago hockey fans since the franchise was created in 1926. They won their first Stanley Cup during the 1933-34 season. However, the true hat trick (hockey puns for the win!) came in 2012 when the Blackhawks launched their Fan Ambassador program and started their partnership with SocialToaster!

At SocialToaster, we know that having an army of fan advocates is essential when it comes to reaching the masses organically on social media. But before you can bring out the big guns, you have to shore up your lines and sign on your recruits. If you’re not exactly sure how to do this, we’ve got your six; after helping hundreds of brands build their fan advocate armies, we know what it takes get your troops assembled in no time.

At SocialToaster, we work with some of the best brands in the world and we want every one of their fan advocacy programs to reach their full potential. Sometimes figuring out just what to do to make that happen can be a bit of a head scratcher so we talked with some of our in-house experts to come up with 5 tips to make the most of your SocialToaster campaign.

If you are not using Instagram with your SocialToaster campaign you are missing out on a fantastic user engagement opportunity. Really! Stop reading this article and contact your SocialToaster Account Manager and have Instagram activated immediately. Even if it is 3:00 am in the morning, they will be more than happy to respond. Once you have Instagram setup on your campaign, check out these tips to make sure you are getting the very most out of Instagram.
One of the most challenging aspects of using SocialToaster is determining what the text should be for your Ambassador status updates that you create for each piece of content that you are promoting.  Creating a status update is often daunting enough for an individual to figure out for themselves.  In fact, we often hear from our customers' Ambassadors that it is too hard for them to figure out what to say, so they don't say anything at all.
Media companies provide value to their advertisers by helping to get advertiser messaging in front of audiences.  When looking at digital media, advertisers have historically paid for placement on websites that generate a lot of traffic, as well as to be included on email blasts that target a large number of people. The traditional value proposition for such advertising is that:
One of the core goals of most of our customers is to be able to drive brand awareness around their product offerings or services.  One tactic for doing this is to leverage support for an existing brand, and parlaying that into support for a new initiative.  Good examples of companies that do this well come from some of our media clients.