21 Stats That Prove Your Brand Needs More User-Generated Content


Earlier this year, we published one of our most popular blog posts to date. It was a short list of our favorite statistics on the effectiveness of advocacy marketing, a topic near and dear to our hearts, since it’s literally what we do. Literally.

Since then, we’ve had a couple of clients ask us to put together a list of statistics that focused on one of the most popular aspects of a successful advocacy marketing program: user-generated content (UGC). In honor of their request, we donned our finest research hat (complete with tassels), scoured studies, busted open tomes, and compiled the below list of 21 of UGC statistics.


UGC & Advocacy Marketing: The One-Two Punch Your Marketing Strategy Needs

When it comes to UGC, more than 50% of consumers want a brand to tell them what type of content to create and share. However, studies show only 16% of brands have a system in place to effectively initiate and manage UGC.

Your customers stand ready to create UGC on your behalf. Do you have the tools in place to meet their demands?

We’re proud to offer SocialToaster as the UGC management and advocacy marketing platform of choice for brands of all sizes. Through SocialToaster brands can:

  • Easily distribute content that advocates can share to their social profiles
  • Make it easy for their fans to share simply by clicking the “Share” button from their email
  • Award points and rewards for participating and creating UGC
  • Create opportunities for fans to submit UGC through Instagram contests, survey completions or even fun quizzes

Now onto the stats.


UGC Supports All Aspects of Your Marketing Efforts

1. More than 86% of businesses are utilizing UGC as part of their marketing strategy.

2. UGC posts shared to social channels see a 28% higher engagement rate than standard brand posts.

3. UGC-based ads get 4x higher click-through rates and a 50% drop in cost-per-click than average.

4. Videos created by (and featuring) users get 10x more views on YouTube than content created by brands.


UGC Can Also Support Your B2B Marketing Efforts

User-Generated Content isn’t just for consumers; B2B and other large brands can leverage the power of their employees to create amazing content and strong ROI.

5. Brand messages are reshared up to 24x more when disseminated through your employees versus published to your brand page.

6. Employee-shared content gets 8x more engagement.

7. According to one study, an employee advocacy program with 1,000 participants can generate up to $1,900,000 in advertising value.

8. Employees tend to have up to 10x more followers than a brand’s corporate account.

9. 53% of decision makers have eliminated a brand or vendor from consideration because of something they “did or did not” find out from an employee online.


User Generated Content & Your Website

Alright, so we know that UGC can help with your marketing, but did you know you can also use UGC to strengthen the performance of your website?

10. 25% of search results for the world’s 20 largest brands are links to user created content.

11. Sites with featured UGC saw a 20% increase in return visitors.

12. Those sites also saw a 90% increase on the time spent on the site.

13. 48% of customers say that UGC is a great way to discover new products.

14. Brands can see up to a 26% increase in site traffic when they share customer reviews on Twitter.


UGC Helps Consumers Pull The Trigger

Most important of all, user-generated content is statistically proven to help drive conversions and sales.

15. UGC is shown to result in a 29% increase in web conversions than campaigns or websites without it.

16. 84% of Millennials say that the user generated content on company sites has at least some influence on what they buy.

17. 70% of consumers will check UGC reviews or ratings before deciding to buy a product and at least 41% of them will read four to seven UGC reviews to gain information on your product. On-site consumer reviews can increase conversions by 74%.

18. 64% of customers will not only value online reviews but will actively seek them out before making a purchasing decision.

19. 71% of consumers say online reviews are important when considering making a purchases in categories like electronics, appliances, home décor, and others.

20. 93% of consumers find UGC to be helpful when making a purchasing decision.

21. UGC is 20% more influential than any other type of media when it comes to influencing Millennial purchases.


Whether it’s employees taking selfies at work, or happy customers sharing their love for your product in a short video, UGC is a powerful medium for driving consideration, awareness, and sales.

To get the most out of your UGC efforts, use an advocacy marketing platform (SocialToaster) to manage all aspects of the program, from solicitation, to curating, dissemination, and even rewarding those fans that take the time to create great content on your behalf.

Ready to start building a stockpile of quality UGC to help with your current and future marketing efforts? Let SocialToaster help get you started today!