3D Printed Ears, Grammy Powerhouses, FBI Shutouts and More in the Weekly Spread!

Science has made a sound step forward in the possibility of 3D printing replacements for human skin. A recent study in Nature Biotechnology reveals a special 3D printer that can build you a brand new ear. The technology can replicate tissue, bone, cartilage and more! Too bad ol’ Vincent Van Gogh isn’t around to reap the benefits of this scientific innovation.

It’s once again time for the Oscars to roll around, and while all of the celebrities are picking up their designer dresses and suits, Oscar himself is gonna get his very own makeover. On Tuesday, the Academy announced that it had switched manufacturers for the iconic statuette and, in another 3D printing feat, that they intend to return to the classic 1929 version of the iconic statue. We’re sure DiCaprio doesn’t care what it looks like, as long as it ends up in his hands.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away this past week, at age 79. Known throughout his career for his sometimes sarcastic and colorful personality as well as a “leader of conservative intellectual renaissance”, Scalia left behind a legacy and memories of some seriously sassy dissents. Now, to the chagrin of some republicans, Obama plans to undertake the nomination of a successor.

This week had everybody talking about some killer (and some not so great) performances at the 2016 Grammy Awards. At the top of the scale, Kendrick Lamar’s performance of “Alright” from his nominated album “To Pimp a Butterfly” made a beautifully powerful statement of political and social awareness as well displaying his talent. Ultimately, album of the year went to Taylor Swift who still cried because she missed a note in her performance of “Out of the Woods”. Alternatively, Adele responded to criticism of a disappointing and out of tune performance with “sh*t happens”.  Ahh, those classy Brits.

Elsewhere in the music industry, Kanye West is going berserk on Twitter. After leaking his new, unfinished and initially untitled album exclusively on music-streaming service Tidal and having it pirated more than half a million times, Kanye had a public crisis of wealth on Twitter. On the heels of his online feud with Wiz Khalifa, the musician appealed to his fans for donations with humble statements like “Yes I am personally rich and can buy furs and houses for my family.” Sure makes us want to send him a generous gift. At least he followed it up with “I know I confuse you guys sometimes but please bare (sic) with me”. Even better, Kanye also solicited Mark Zuckerberg on the one platform the Facebook founder is sure to be looking at: Twitter.

Attention to any still living in disbelief: apparently January was the warmest month recorded ever in the world. Global warming seems to be the culprit. Data collected by NASA suggests that this climate anomaly is due in part to manmade global warming, the burning of fossil fuels, in combination with this year’s record strong El Niño. Yikes! Of course this is all hooey, because according to the Donald it’s all “a Chinese conspiracy.” Is it us, or is Trump sounding more and more like that weird Uncle you only see on Thanksgiving?

This week, it’s Apple versus the FBI. The tech company was asked to create a new version of their operating system that would disable the privacy of the passcode lock on iPhones. Although the FBI is calling the court order so as to further investigate the recent shootings in San Bernadino, this breach of privacy could really open a can of worms in the world of tech. In what is being called the “most important tech case in a decade”, the industry seems to be finally banding together after a bit of silence; companies like Google and Facebook standing with Apple to fight the FBI on these terms of privacy. We like to imagine this happening a la Lord of the Rings style:


Facebook:  You have my likes.

Google: And my data.

Apple: And my sense of industrial design.