Adele Flubs, The Mammoth Returns and A Squirrel Goes Nuts, All This & More In The Weekly Spread!

Among many memorable moments from The Grammys this past Sunday, Beyonce’s gilded (psuedo Virgin Mary) performance wowed the crowd. Queen Bey was indeed glowing in her golden costume (and pregnancy) as she belted out two tracks from her Lemonade performance during the show, and the reception of her performance made the choice for Album of the Year (Adele’s 25) seem surprising to some. Even Adele, in her acceptance speech for this award, felt she had to acknowledge Beyonce’s achievement in addition to her own. Don’t worry Bey-bies, despite this loss, Beyonce still took home the Grammys for Best Music Video, Best Urban Contemporary Album, and the SocialToaster award for “Damn Near Gave Us A Heart Attack” for her gravity defying chair moves.

Meanwhile, Chance the Rapper accepted the award for Best Rap Album, Lady Gaga teamed up with Metallica, and tributes to Prince and George Michael took centerstage. While Bruno Mars absolutely destroyed Prince’s iconic party anthem, “Let’s Go Crazy” (sporting Prince’s mythical purple suit no less), it was Adele’s tribute to George Michael that provided the watercooler chatter topic for the next day. During her live performance of George’s “Fast Love,” Adele broke song to request that the entire number start again from the top. Adele apologized to the show’s producers and the crowd through a sea of swears as the song began anew. The second time around proved incident free as Adele sang her heart out in honor of the Wham! legend.

And lastly, in a moment that really is just very confusing, a man dressed to resemble something of a gold transformer may or may not have been Cee Lo Green (A.K.A. Cee Lo Gold?).

Keeping in mind last week’s case of Snapchat mistaken identity (poor SNAP Interactive Inc. couldn’t take all the credit for their surge in investments), it seems that now is indeed time to buy some stock in the real Snapchat. Parent company, Snap, is preparing to go public and this IPO is poised to be a real success. If all goes as expected, the company is about to be worth $22 billion. What’s even better for all of those Snapchat supporters and believers out there, is that the 200 million shares that will become available to the public are going to be sold for about $16 dollars each! You could soon be the owner of a little bit of your favorite app for only a couple bucks more than what your lunch cost today!

And speaking of developments in the social media powerhouses, Facebook’s newest features are forging ahead. With a revised version of the “Trending Topics” feature, the company has sought to overcome some of the “fake news” controversy and better streamline the distribution of news stories. The headlines that pop up on the right side of your news feed are designed to avoid political biases shaping, what was seen under the ‘trending’ bar, and they now come directly from the sources and/or news outlets, instead of being written by Facebook. In addition to this update, you might never have to leave your newsfeed to get a job. Taking both the fear of employers checking out your FB profile, but also taking the convenience of job applications a step further, you can now legitimately apply and interview for a job all on the business’s Facebook page. Just be sure to check which vacation photos are available to public viewing before doing so.  

This Thursday was recognized as “A Day Without Immigrants” across the nation, in protest of recent actions and attitudes from our current White House administration. Immigrant workers and students across the country went on strike and took their message to the streets in major cities across the USA. Many businesses and restaurants remained closed for the day in support and solidarity, to show the reality of what this country would look like “without immigrants”. As immigration continues to impact families across the nation, and ICE units continue to scrutinize school pickup and drop-off spots, students of all grade levels also took to the streets with many schools recording severe drops in attendance for the day.

In scientific discoveries this week, it’s been a big week for New Zealand and Mammoths! Zealandia is the newly minted continent upon which New Zealand currently sits. Although the idea of Zealandia is not new (Anyone else think this could be the lost continent of Mu?), scientists have recently come to the realization that the land mass does in fact meet the necessary criteria to be called its own continent, and now may lead to other implications that come with being a certified continent. In other ancient news, the Wooly Mammoth could be jumping back from extinction any day now.  Scientists involved in a “de-extinction” project believe that they could bring back the Wooly Mammoth within just two years, by engineering an elephant-mammoth hybrid. Seems like a cool idea at first, right? But perhaps when we think of ever running into one of these newly un-extinct mammoths, the idea becomes slightly more daunting.

We’ve all heard that it’s good to have a big dog around the house to scare off potential robbers, but perhaps we’ve been underestimating the prowess of a protective pet squirrel? This fiercely loyal rodent friend in Idaho fearlessly defended his owner’s home when it was invaded by a burglar earlier this week. This unfortunate house-invader made to grab a few valuables before things got a little squirrely, and out of nowhere this heroic pet went nuts and chased him from the house. We bet the owner is sure proud of him. That’ll do squirrel, that’ll do.

In answer to the age-old question, “Is it drinking alone if my cat is here with me?”, the bravest of business minds have brought us a gift straight from Bacchus's litter box, Cat Wine. Whether your Siamese prefers the delicate flavor of “Pinot Meow”, or your Ragdoll opts for a light “Meowsling,” you can now imbibe with your furry friend. As alcohol is harmful to pets (and some would argue people too), the pet wine doesn’t contain any alcohol. Instead it’s a mix of herbs, spices and beet juice. Think drinkable catnip.  For the dog lovers out there, don’t worry, they also make Dog Wine. With such great flavors, I’m sure your canine friend will just woof it down! Woof! Get it!... We’ll see ourselves out.  

In closing, here is a live stream of tiny kittens in their tiny kitten house and tiny kitten bunk beds to put a smile on your face this Friday.