Bernie’s Visual Aids, Wendy’s Twitter Burns, and Ash Art, All This & More in the Weekly Spread!

Despite the fight waging against Obamacare, Bernie Sanders is here to remind us of a promise that Donald Trump made during the campaign to not cut Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. . The living legend himself took action to remind Congress of Trump’s promise by printing out a tweet from Trump and bringing it to the Senate floor. Clearly, the man has the biggest set of printers in Washington.

Ideas about a universal basic income are gaining traction. Many are saying that 2017 could be the year in which some version of a universal basic income could become a more serious topic of conversation. Though the idea is not a new one, it has started drawing more interest and support from a fairly diverse range of thinkers. From a Libertarian appeal to support from Silicon Valley, the idea seems to speak to many different factions. Recently, Finland is in the press with the latest experiment to try and prove that a basic income wouldn’t just make everyone lazy. Those crazy Scandinavian countries, first universal healthcare and now this? And they’re consistently one of the top 10 happiest countries in the world?! We’re just going to leave this here.

In a car service update for the new year, you can now uber directly to a person instead of having to put in an address for your destination (like some sort of commoner!). Uber officials are trying to get rid of the hassle of figuring out meeting places and knowing addresses, recognizing that people aren’t just trying to “get from point a to point b, they’re trying to get to each other”. Deep thoughts Uber, we’re all like, just trying to get to know each other man.

Wendy’s (America’s sixth favorite burger maker) tore up Twitter this week as they responded to haters with some straight fire. The burns were so severe, they even led to one user deleting their Twitter account. You know what they say, you mess with the square bull

Racking your brain to come up with ways to show you’re a hipster even AFTER you die? Look no further than Artful Ashes. This Seattle-based company will swirl your ashes into beautiful glass sculptures. Just think, no more embarrassing urn spills! Now your loved ones can honor your memory forever, placing your remains in a curio cabinet alongside the good China and that one random sad clown figurine.

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