Best Picture Snafu, SNAP Opens, and Kebabs for Days, All This and More in the Weekly Spread!

This past Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony was a grand event as expected, but boy did they save the most exciting moment for last. The night kicked off as per usual; while stars swarmed in on the red carpet, Jimmy Kimmel prepared backstage, and Justin Timberlake ushered us into the ceremony with a lively rendition of his hit song from the movie Trolls. We’re still dancing.

There were winners and there were losers, many a jab at Matt Damon from his arch nemesis on stage (check here if you’re not up to speed on the Kimmel - Damon rivalry), the “Moana” star being lightly hit in the face with a prop during her solo, candy floating down from the sky, and a surprise visit from a lucky and unsuspecting bus full of tourists. All highlights from a solid Oscars show.

But none of these compare to the roller coaster of emotion due to the snafu at the end of the night. In a flub that will go down in Oscars history, luckless presenters Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty inadvertently announced the wrong winner for the category of Best Picture. It was later revealed that the presenters were  accidentally handed the card for Best Actress - which led them to announce La La Land as the winner of Best Picture. The error was pinned on two PricewaterhouseCoopers accountants: Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz. The accountants have since been banned from the Oscars.

As if reading out the wrong envelope wasn’t bad enough, the team of La La Land had made it through more than one acceptance speech before someone finally let them know that they were not indeed the winners. The producer then took the stage to announce the real winner of Best Picture: Moonlight. While we’re sure it was an awkward moment to be onstage, for everyone involved, in the end Moonlight made it to the finish line while La La Land still took home quite a few consolation prizes.

Meanwhile, Great Britain forgot about the movies and focused on what really matters at 2am when the pubs close: street food! The British Kebab Awards (yes, that’s a thing) recognized the beloved meat-on-a-stick, giving out awards in categories that included: Best Delivery, Best Kabob House in Scotland, Best Kebab Van, and even Best Fine Dining Restaurant. This was no small event, with top DJs playing, fancy politicians in attendance, and the country taking to Twitter of course to voice all their kebab enthusiasm. Fun fact, 1.3 million kebabs are ordered in Britain every day!

Before you hit that neighborhood taco stand this weekend, take heed from the unfortunate situation Ty Lawson of the Sacramento Kings found himself in. On Tuesday, the athlete asked his loyal Instagram followers to recommend a “bomb taco Tuesday” spot in Sacramento. The next day, he was diagnosed with gastroenteritis and was listed as ‘questionable’ in his ability to play in Wednesday night’s game. Does this sound like a coincidence? Questionable, indeed. Oh, what we will go through for the love of tacos.

Speaking of questionable meal choices, rumors are spreading about this week’s Bumble Bee recall, after two employees have allegedly admitted to cooking a man and mixing him in with a big batch of tuna. (Anyone else having Soylent Green flashbacks?). Rest assured however, Snopes has determined the story to be false.  Unfortunately, a worker was found dead in a large industrial oven back in 2012, however there was no contamination then or now. Still, it does make you think twice about opening up any can of meat.

As predicted, Snapchat (SNAP) debuted Thursday on the open market. Exceeding expectations, the stock closed it’s first day at $24.48 per share, boasting a worth of $28 billion. A great first day, however, as any great investor knows, a successful company is all about the long game. And it seems this lookout for the future of the company has already begun with discussions of new Snapchat drones. Fingers crossed we are nearing the end of the Selfie Stick era!

The food news continues! Two new mayonnaise-centered eateries are set to open in Japan  (oh, Japan) in the next couple months. Coming from popular mayo brand Kewpie, these new Mayonnaise Cafés will feature only mayo-based recipes. Anyone else have an idea of who’s cookbook they’ll be leaning on for this concept?

Big news in North Dakota as a proposed bill would lift a 50+ year ban on parking meters. North Dakota is one of the only states where parking meters are, in fact, illegal! Stemming from a 1948 lawsuit, where a man was delivered a ticket even after paying the machine (due to the machine malfunctioning). The ban hasn’t been too wildly contested… until now!

Giraffe Watch 2017 has proven to be an exercise in patience. April (a Giraffe at the New York Petting Zoo) is anxiously close to giving birth. As is the custom in today’s world, a live stream of the baby being born has been promised to the world.  The live stream has been running now for 3 weeks. Three. Weeks. Still no adorable giraffe baby. This might be the worst example of #FakeNews we’ve ever encountered.

And in conclusion, we're pretty confident that there is noone having a better day than this kid right here!