Bey’s Babes, Denis’s Doppelganger and Snapchat’s SNAP, All This & More In The Weekly Spread!

There’s more than just Big Games and Groundhogs that make February one of the the best months out there. We’re talking about Black History Month. A month-long celebration of the amazing accomplishments and life-changing advances made by African American Scientists, Engineers, Writers, Musicians and every other career you can think of. This is a month of reflection and inspiration. In the spirit of celebration, Snapchat has launched a month-long campaign, “Young, Black and Proud,” that encourages African Americans to share their experiences and stories on what makes them proud.  Twitter is also raising their voice in celebration of African American culture. Twitter’s black employee resource group, @Blackbirds, launched an automated chatbot that shares cultural facts, information and provides support to users who engage with it. The chatbot is available by DMing the @Blackbirds Twitter account.

Don’t call it a comeback, after a fair share of drama and difficulties in 2016, Facebook is near to reaching 2 billion active users per month (closing out 2016 with a whopping 27.6 billion dollars in revenue). In more Facebook news, Facebook’s Friends Day is upon us come February 4th. In advance of the 4th, Facebook has compiled  images and features into a personalized video for you to celebrate your (online) friends. Only this year, the main attraction seems to be a slightly terrifying animated creature formed from the FB reaction characters and undulating pictures of your friends’ faces. What better way to celebrate human connection in the digital age than a dancing emoji monster?  

Beyonce just dropped a bombshell of an announcement and the “Beyhive” is nearly beside itself. On Wednesday afternoon, the superstar’s Instagram photo featured her draped in chiffon, surrounded by flowers, and cradling a baby bump - with the announcement that she and her husband Jay-Z are expecting. Twins. The image was posted to Instagram and immediately broke the record for most likes set by Selena Gomez. Users also took to Twitter to share their reactions and best wishes for the Carters. Some fans even went full Da Vinci Code, analyzing the image for hidden symbolic messages and meanings. Because, you know, the Illuminati’s agenda isn’t going to fulfill itself!  

Elsewhere in the world of celebrities, ratings for the reality show The Apprentice seem to have plummeted with newly minted host Arnold Schwarzenegger at the helm, eliciting ‘prayers’ from the show’s previous host, Donald Trump. Upon hearing the news, Arnold fired back with an offer to switch jobs with the actor. Could the arm-wrestling match of the century be in the works?

It’s always a pain to have to weed through email scams, and can sometimes be downright alarming to be almost fooled by one. What’s even worse, is when they just won’t leave you alone. Well, one brilliant man has come up with a cheeky solution to this problem. It seems the key to getting left alone by the email scammers is to first beat them at their own game. After receiving an email concerning the transport of one thousand carats of polished diamond, this guy decided to reply to the message. After first confusing them with a false phone number, the exchange proceeded until there was talk of a free toaster, and after some deliberations and back and forth the final result was a complete turnaround of exasperation in which the scammers pleaded the scammee to please stop emailing them. Ingenious. Now that we are all armed with this idea, email spammers and scammers beware!

Snapchat is officially going public! Ahead of its March debut, Snapchat has filed the paperwork needed to propel the company to the stock ticker. The stock will trade on the NYSE under the SNAP name. One interesting note is the public announcement that the company may never achieve or maintain profitability. The camera company aims to raise $3B from the public offering. No word yet on whether or not their stock would disappear after 10 seconds.

With a new Super Bowl comes new Super Bowl commercials! The Super Bowl has given us some of the greatest commercials of all time, and we expect nothing less this year. Last year’s game was viewed by 111.9M. This year’s game is expected to bring in similar numbers. With the cost of a :30 spot running north of $5M, now is the time for big brands to show off their creativity. In an effort to get more bang for their buck, several brands have already released their commercials ahead of the game.  Top picks include a Budweiser spot highlighting the journey of its immigrant founder, Cam Newton throwing the ultimate touchdown pass for Buick, and Jon Lovitz encouraging members of a secret society to dine on Avocados from Mexico.  

Denis Leary has finally admitted his similarity in likeness to Kellyanne Conway. With the biopic pretty much casting itself, fans are excited to see this potential Oscar-winning performance.  Denis Leary, we’re going to let you finish, but Kate McKinnon had one of the best Conway impersonations of all time. Best of all time!

 You may have already seen this viral photo, and perhaps some memed variations, of retired astronaut Leland Melvin with a gleeful dog on either side - but if not, be sure to close out the week with an adorable and wholesome pic of an astronaut and his dogs to lift your spirits.  

Speaking of the constitution, kind of, here is one very patriotic chicken playing America the Beautiful on the keyboard. While perhaps not on the same level as an announcement from Beyonce, this is still another way a rare musical talent can restore one’s faith and put a smile on their face.