Black Friday, Forgotten IDs, & Reborning? All This And More In The Weekly Spread!

After Thanksgiving, you might still be recovering from politics at the table and compounded food comas. But, before you lose the holiday momentum, remember that Christmas is right around the corner. Impending decorations and retail sales wouldn’t let us forget that. Although many businesses are realizing that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just the small beginning of consumer expectations for holiday clearance, sales still hit some record highs. Even this adorable beaver made sure to get some of his Christmas shopping done!

On the list of things not to get your kid for Christmas: these truly creepy babydolls. The uber-lifelike dolls are part of a trend called ‘reborning’ that involves collecting the expensive and realistic dolls. Given the choice, it might be better to stick with Bitty Baby or American Girl dolls.
Netflix has just released the feature we’ve all been waiting for. Gone are the days of your internet betraying you while you indulge in some well-deserved TV binging, gone are the days of scrounging for Wifi in order to catch up on Orange is the New Black on a long train ride. You can now download some of your favorite shows from Netflix and never have to worry about internet connection again! Of course, this feature may not be available for all Netflix content, downloading rights and such might get in the way of a few favorites, but you can probably count on all the Netflix originals. Following a similar move by Amazon last year, Netflix is expanding their horizons as a no longer streaming-only platform. Here’s a helpful list of some of the available titles you might want to download. Perhaps for a balanced state of mind, however, we might recommend not watching too many episodes of Black Mirror in one sitting.
Speaking of Netflix originals, the long-awaited Gilmore Girls revival was released last Friday. Just in time for you to lay down in front of the TV and recover from Thanksgiving, Stars Hollow was back in action. The internet had been preparing us for this for months, with fan theories, best-boyfriend debates, etc... the question is, did it live up to the hype? The jury might still be out. Some diehard fans were not completely satisfied, some thought the ending wasn’t right, the characters had changed too much, or that the entire reboot was actually the hallucinations of the main character in a coma. Despite some discrepancies, however, the revival seemed to be a success. Even Hamilton writer Lin-Manuel Miranda admitted he can’t resist the witty banter of the “Gilmore Girls”. #TeamLogan for days!
Hamilton, in fact, has also been doing very well in public reception. In a record Thanksgiving week, box office sales for the popular Broadway show hit 35 million, with the average price paid for ticket at about 300 dollars. This could also have something to do with the publicity that the show received after members of the cast addressed audience member Vice President Elect Mike Pence as he was leaving the theater. After the curtain call, actor Brandon Victor Dixon delivered a message to Pence emphasizing the need for the new administration to ‘work on behalf of all Americans’. Although Pence has come out to say that he was not offended by the speech (despite a booing audience) President Elect Donald Trump was very upset and promptly demanded an apology via Twitter. Our future president might need to develop some thicker skin.
Meanwhile, at the White House, Ellen DeGeneres was almost left out in the cold because she forgot her ID. Seems like she was with us in thinking that only mere mortals had to worry about bringing identification to get into important places, but the White House security didn’t quite agree when this recipient of the Medal of Freedom came to her own ceremony without an ID. Passed by her fellow honorees, DeGeneres had to resort to public sympathy while she sat outside, only admitted into the ceremony by the security guards after posting about her predicament and poking a bit of fun at herself on Twitter.  
Following the death of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, there have been varied responses both nationally and globally. While many Cubans mourn the death of a respected leader, many others remember a different kind of legacy left by Castro. In the States, the exiled Cuban population in places like Miami celebrated the event as a moment of liberation, and President Obama and President Elect Trump extended their (quite differently phrased) thoughts and words of support for Cubans at this time.  
The 2016 Vans World Cup of Surfing started last week at Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oahu, HI and runs through December 6. Check out some highlights from day 1 or watch live!
Speaking of Hawaii, the state just built the longest “cat fence”. That’s right, a cat fence for the ages. Cats have been on the big island of Hawaii since the first explorers arrived - and now they’re making mince meat of the Hawaiian petrel, an endangered seabird that only breeds on the slopes of Mauna Loa in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The National Parks Service, aided by other organizations, have stepped in and made the area a feline-free zone, constructing a 6-foot-tall fence running five miles around 600 acres of the world’s largest volcano to keep the non-native and invasive kitties at bay and give the petrels a private room by the Pacific. Me-WOW!
Napoleon Dymanite is back and he’s bringing the canned heat - to a Burger King commercial coming to small screens near you. BK’s rolling out “Cheesy Tots” - deep fried potato pockets packed with cheese - and they’ve hired Jon Heder to play Nap-o-le-on, begging his best bud Pedro for his tots. Nappy Dyno’s “Dang it, these are good,” is a perfect way to close the ad-homage to the indie hit film. Can’t wait to see if the King hires Uncle Rico to throw one of them burgers right over those mountains and soak it up in a hot tub with his soul mate.

Hunter S. Thompson, best known for his semi-autobiography “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” detailing his drug use in Sin City and his thoughts on the death of ’60s counterculture, is getting in the legal pot game post-mortem. His wife, Anita, plans on cloning the six strains of marijuana he was in possession of prior to his 2005 suicide and bringing them to the commercial market. The latest in a long line of celebrity-branded buds - including known tokers Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Tommy Chong and Melissa Etheridge - will be labeled “Gonzo” after the doctor in “Fear and Loathing” and is coming to Colorado pot dispensaries in the near future.

In conclusion, if you were looking for a fun way to get active and de-stress this week, we’ve got the perfect fix. With these new “Yoga with Cats” classes, you and your cat both get a little exercise while making yoga more exciting (or frustrating?) for everyone involved.