Bottled Messages, Dangerous Women, And Surfing Swans, All This & More In The Weekly Spread!

Today America’s 45th President, Donald Trump, is inaugurated.

Remember the tasty shower beer we talked about last week? Well that’s exactly what you’ll need after this newest form of exercise. Australia brings the world beer yoga (because Australia). It’s essentially a drinking game that counts as exercise. You can even get in touch with your inner zen as you balance a beer on your head in tree pose. According to some loyal and avid beer yogis, this is no joke - pairing the philosophies of yoga with the pleasure of beer-drinking really could be the way to “reach your highest level of consciousness.” But if you don’t like beer, no worries, the cat yoga trend looks just as fun.

Speaking of bottles, this message in a bottle found washed up on the coast of Scotland turned out to be less of a fairytale romance and more of a technologically advanced scientific experiment. This particular “message in a bottle” was in fact one of two GPS tracker capsules that are part of a project between Iceland’s national broadcaster and an engineering company called Verkis. The goal of this project was to raise awareness about littering and pollution, showing how a piece of trash thrown in the ocean doesn’t just disappear - it travels and ends up collecting elsewhere. In other news, the Earth has hit a record temperature high for the third year in a row.

Lovers of hit comedy series “The Office” were disappointed this week after being mercilessly trolled by Steve Carrell. We’ve hit the era of countless reboots of popular TV shows, some of which really should have stayed where they belonged in the early 2000s (see Fuller House, Gilmore Girls, The X-Files). But when Carrell, star of the The Office, tweeted that this show would be coming back to NBC, the internet crowd went crazy. But unfortunately, after memes and memes of hope and joy, the actor revealed that actually the NBC reboot would be of the slightly less beloved show Will & Grace. His second tweet correcting the “typo” from his first was met with an equal number of memes of indignation and applause. Good troll, Steve, you really had us for a minute. On the bright side of this trolling, we’re graced with more Karen!  

In another hot Twitter Topic this week, a man presented us with an intricate and complicated problem of mathematics, logic, and philosophy and the responses are manifold. When this twitter user posted the statement “A kid born in 2005 is now 20 years old. Let that sink”, he may not have had any idea how far the idea could travel. There is of course the immediate question of mathematical accuracy which many pointed out. There were also, however, those who were very concerned and confused at being younger than 20 when they were indeed born before the year 2005. Next, we have those who really thought deeply and took it to have some deeper philosophical meaning - or perhaps this man knows something which the rest of us do not? Whichever way you spin it, the question did indeed ‘sink’ with many.

With the new year, new advancements in technology and gadgets are abundant. In addition to the constant speculations of what is next for the newest versions of the iPhone, Apple may also be introducing the second generation of the Apple Pencil. A pencil to end all pencils, this new gadget could incorporate features such as wireless charging, magnets and compatibility with most Apple devices. A new mechanical pencil. What a time to be alive.

Do you love mobile RPGs AND pop music (I mean, who doesn’t!)? Fans of the Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande, celebrated this week as the Bunny Masked Japanophile officially became a playable character in the highly popular Final Fantasy Brave Exvius mobile RPG. If proven successful, we can only hope for more stars to make their way into our beloved mobile videogames. DJ Khaled in Candy Crush? Snoop Dogg in Angry Birds? Jared Leto in Microsoft Office? We can only hope!

Speaking of dangerous women,  as hearings for the new administration’s cabinet members enter full swing, things are getting a little lively at points. Betsy DeVoss, the pick for Secretary of Education was confronted by Bernie Sanders and by Elizabeth Warren for her lack of education experience. The billionaire campaign donor also wound up receiving a bit of mockery after citing grizzly bears as a reason for guns to be allowed in schools. Anyone else excited to tune into SNL this weekend to see how this gets portrayed?

The #FreeTheNipple movement on Instagram continues to pick up steam. To call out Instagram’s nipple algorithm one barren group of people set up a Genderless Nipples instagram account. The account is posting images of both male and female nipples (and just the nipples) in an effort to call out Instagram’s automatic nipple detector. So far, the account seems to be working as male nipples are getting banned by the algoritm, when in fact male nipples are allowed on Instagram. This might be the most times we’ve written nipples into a single paragraph on our blog. But just in case it isn’t: nipples, nipples, nipples.

When it rains.... LA, who went without a football team for 20 years, is now home to its second team in as many years. The Rams moved to LA this past season, and they will soon be followed by the Chargers. The Chargers dropped the word on moving to LA after San Diego taxpayers refused to fund a new stadium.  The same day the Chargers announced their departure from San Diego, they also debuted a new logo paying homage to their new home. The new logo was quickly mocked by everyone, including other teams in the NFL!  Savage, but if you’re going to borrow elements from another team’s logo, maybe don’t pick a team that’s in the same city as yours. Just sayin’.

The People’s Choice Awards were held this week. Hosted by Joel McHale, big winners included Ellen Degeneres (who picked up her 20th award), Super Heroes, and Joel McHale’s writing staff.

If this week has been giving you any anxiety or grief, take a look at this cheerful rodent for a bit of encouragement. Dubbed the “positive possum”, this little guy is here to remind you to celebrate the little things in life.

Still need more zen? Then check out these black swans surfing at Kirra Beach on the Gold Coast, Australia!