Brussels Under Siege, Miley Cyrus Turns 10, Prince Memoirs and More In The Weekly Spread!

Sadly, we lost two members of the entertainment community this week. Malik Taylor, otherwise known as Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest, died this past Tuesday from complications of diabetes, at 45. Tributes from the music and entertainment community poured in over Twitter and other such platforms, showing that Taylor was a truly respected talent and will be missed. Twitter was also host to many tributes to comedian Garry Shandling, who passed away yesterday at age 66. Shandling is known for his observational humor. Having starred in “The Larry Sanders Show” and other sitcoms, the comedian made a lasting impression on television.

The tenth anniversary of Hannah Montana has got Miley Cyrus feeling nostalgic. One could argue that she has indeed had the best of both worlds, with her music career still thriving years after her child star breakout on Disney. Of course, Miley has run over her share of classic child actress road bumps… Anyway, in celebration of the teen Disney shows anniversary, she invited all her fans to join her in a Hannah Montana drinking game! We searched the internet for a game we could share with you, but finding none we decided to create our own.

The Official SocialToaster Hannah Montana Drinking Game:

  • Drink every time Hannah Montana switches identities.

  • Drink every time Billy Ray Cyrus gives “Dad” advice.

  • Last rule, waterfall through every song HM sings.  

If you can make it through three episodes, we’ll be impressed!

The recent terrorist attack in Brussels left nearly 30 dead and more than 230 injured in explosions in the Brussels airport and the Maelbeek subway station in central Brussels. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack, and a suspect arrested on Friday is believed to be the sole survivor of the group of ten men who were involved in the Paris attack on Nov. 13. The investigation continues and the entirely of Europe is feeling the impression and threat of this attack. Unfortunately however, this was not the first attack to have happened this month; attacks on the Ivory Coast, Ankara and another in Istanbul have left more than 50 dead and many more injured earlier in March. ISIS continues to show no regard for human life of any kind, regardless of religion, race, sex or country.

It’s the publication we’ve all been waiting for: Prince’s memoir. The iconic musician announced last Friday that his book (working title - “The Beautiful Ones” (although we lobbied hard to have it named, “§”) is set to be released next year. His very first book will begin with his very first memory, said Prince, most likely something involving berets or purple rain.  With that direction, this memoir might turn into the first of many volumes (one can hope). Nonetheless, fans of this musical genius have an “unconventional and poetic journey through [Prince’s] life and creative work” to embark upon come fall of 2017.  

The President’s history-making trip to Cuba has been mostly a success thus far. Other than one awkward moment when Obama’s wrist seemed to go limp during a press conference with President Castro, the public is excited and impressed with this first visit to Cuba by a sitting U.S. president in 88 years. Even of course as major differences in politics and ideals remain between the U.S. and Cuba, this visit indicates a new era of relations between the two countries. In another sign of good relations, The Rolling Stones have just arrived in Cuba to perform a historic open air free concert. Because of course, nothing says, “AMERICA IS FINALLY HERE!” like an aging British rock band.

As we continue to follow the presidential campaign, it might be important to keep politics on the radar of your online dating habits. Dating app Bumble just released some politically themed filters to narrow the pool of eligible guys and gals. With a wide variety of picture overlays from “Feel the Bern” to “Cruz’n for a Bruisin” to “#Kanye 2020”, you can now avoid pursuing an incompatible match long before the horrifying moment when you realize that the guy in the “Make America Great Again” hat is your coffee date.