Cat Museums, Rat Cafes, And Introducing The Chickle, All This & More In The Weekly Spread!

We’ve all heard of the “cat cafe” trend, and may have even suffered a few arm scratches while trying to enjoy a cappuccino in the company of an adorable and furry friend, but has this pet cafe trend taken things a step too far? Meet the “Dungeon”, San Francisco's new pop-up restaurant and very own rat cafe. For the low price of $50, rat cafe patrons can sip their coffee and enjoy a show and history lesson, all while surrounded by scurrying rats. You can even adopt one of the cafe rats if you take a particular liking to them.  Personally, we thought that a rat scurrying under your table would be a clear sign that you’re in the wrong place, but apparently not. Thanks to liberal media giant Pixar, the restaurant rat agenda strikes again.  

But what is Jerry without his Tom? A new museum opening in North Carolina is dedicated to none-other-than the domestic house cat. The museum will focus on the history of the house cat and its relationship with humans over time. We know where we’ll be this summer!

Speaking of interesting developments in the restaurant industry, ever heard of a “Chickle”? Brought to us by Minor League Baseball team, The Fresno Grizzlies, we have an unholy abomination composed of  a pickle, filled with spicy chicken. A Chickle (How do they name these things?!). Perhaps this is the perfect sandwich option for the gluten intolerant, perhaps it is a horrible way to ruin both pickle and chicken. We won’t know until we try it! Oh Minor League Baseball, your continued toying with the natural order of ballpark food is a culinary affront to us all. Except for you, IronPigs. Your decision to top a delicious funnel cake, with sweet maple syrup and savory bacon is a gift to mankind.

Beloved comedian and actor Bobby Moynihan left his position as a member of the Saturday Night Live company with one last rendition of his masterpiece: Drunk Uncle. Giving the audience his thoughts on some of the sobering aspects of the past year, and discussing the future, Drunk Uncle gave the crowd one more side-splitting ramble before he hit the road. But along with Bobby Moynihan, company members Vanessa Bayer and Sasheer Zamata said their goodbyes last weekend as well. With Bayer, we say goodbye to stand-up comic support and classic impressions like that of Miley Cyrus and Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy. Sasheer takes with her the impressions of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Diana Ross. All will be missed, but for a show often criticized for its lack of diversity, there’s going to be a decent amount of scrutiny on their replacements.

Breaking news for all beer lovers and metalheads out there, a few die hard fans in Germany are building a 7 km long underground pipeline to funnel 400,000  litres of beer to those attending the upcoming Wacken Open Air Festival! This festival is the largest metal music festival in the world, so naturally it needs the most metal of beer delivery systems. This idea came after organizers of the festival calculated that the average attendee of the festival would consume about 5.1 litres of beer over the festival weekend. Wonder what 5.1 litres of beer is in America? We did the math, and the answer is a little over 14 beers.

In a literal example of life imitating art, NASA scientist have revived a newly discovered life form that has laid dormant in a crystal for 60,000 years. We only have one thing to say to these scientists: Do you want the world to be overrun by aliens? Because this is how the world gets overrun with aliens!

For all of us who love a good crime-fighting duo, here’s one that likely is more adorable than the last detective show or sitcom you watched: Constable Tiffany Greig and her baby kangaroo sidekicks. These little guys are as loyal as any other, as they roam the Flinders Ranges in Australia, fighting crime, traversing the outback, and binge watching Crocodile Dundee  while drinking a Fosters.

In closing, for all those trying to get some reading done in their free time over the summer, here is Bill Gates’ summer reading list (in case some of his success lies in what he reads).