Client Spotlight: Bounce Energy

Is the electricity industry really all that electrifying? Shockingly, Bounce Energy will make you believe so! This Texas-based electricity provider, along with the help of SocialToaster, is using innovative ways to connect with their local audience, spread the word about energy efficiency and increase their online presence. This brand will enLIGHTen you on how being fresh and relatable with creative content allows you to connect with your customers. (Brace yourself: this post contains so many puns it hertz).


BE Relatable

One would think that receiving an email with the subject line, “Are you the barista at the party?” would have something to do with Starbucks, not creating your own energy plan. But guess what, it does! Bounce wants to make sure that their customers know that they have the “creativity to make their own energy plan,” and their clever, casual subject lines grab their users’ attention to do just that.

Bounce is also actively trying to show customers that many aspects of life can be made “greener.” They frame their blog as a great resource that combines educational content about energy efficiency and lifestyle topics (which in turn become super engaging SocialToaster posts). From recipes to wedding planning, Bounce takes a look at all the ways they can help their customers be more efficient and green.

For example, Bounce’s #CookingwithLessKilowatts series encourages users to change the way they use the kitchen by offering recipes that help save energy and money on their electricity bill (with a cool focus on keeping the temperature down in your house this summer). Following the success of this blog series, Bounce is going to look to its own customers and users for future recipe submissions, with their favorites being featured on the Bounce blog itself (hello user generated content!).


BE Efficient

During the summer months, when competition in the energy industry heats up, Bounce will be ramping up their SocialToaster posts from 1-2 times per week to 2-3 posts per week. You may recall we generally recommend that 1-2 post per week schedule, but when your content is super engaging, 3 pieces may get users even more excited to hear from you (just make sure to keep an eye on your email open rate!).

Their communications offer specific prompts to check out new energy plans, recruit friends and family to join Bounce, and even contain the CTA to use fun hashtags, such as #BEefficient, to engage more users. And speaking of user generated content, these prompts transform into customer testimonials and reviews. By being strategic about their posting frequency and engaging users with social prompts, Bounce is also gaining even more visibility on social, which is leading to new customers and users.


BE Hip

Cute animals and energizing colors? Sign us up! These two factors have helped Bounce connect with their targeted younger demographic and help spread awareness about both energy efficiency, and their innovative types of energy plans. Their adorable bunny mascot not only hips and hops but it represents the Bounce ambassadors (who are also very hip).

In today’s market, playful colors and branding don’t automatically make a brand unprofessional, as long as those aspects align with the overall brand itself. Just remember, don’t try to be something that you’re not. Adding a little fresh flair, especially during a new season or for rebranding purposes, is welcomed.

Is your brand looking to connect with a different audience or does marketing or social need to be recharged? (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves!) Let us know, we’re here to help!