Cookie Crooks, Caffeinated Phones, and the RompHim, All This & More in the Weekly Spread!

The Great Cookie Caper is on! A 26-year old Girl Scout leader in Kentucky has been charged with the heist of the season - felony theft of $26,000 worth of Girl Scout cookies. Leah Ann “Thin Mint” Vick hasn’t been seen since she picked up around 6,200 boxes of cookies in February and literally disappeared. Kentucky State Troopers arrested her on Tuesday - but the cookies have yet to be found. Pretty sure she wanted Samoa, was Shortbread and Do-si-dos’ed away, with all those cookies Tagalong.

Looking for a pair of jeans that you can wear across extreme temperatures? You’re in luck! A brand called Y/Project designed a pair of jeans with detachable legs. The $440 “cutout transformer cotton denim jeans” consist of a pair of barely-there denim hot pants and two legs that attach with snaps at the bottom of the shorts, leaving a slice of crotchy/cheeky un-pantalooned skin visible. As I’m sure you’ve assumed,  the web reception has not been overwhelmingly positive. We’re pretty sure this qualifies as the worst transformer since the Optimus Prime shoe-bot.

New in hot men’s fashion trends: the romper. FINALLY! Women for decades have been able to wrap themselves in sweet onesie-goodness and now men are getting their fill. The RompHim launched on Kickstarter this week and is tearing down the romper-gender barrier. Fashion-forward stars like Cam Newton and Andy Cohen have been seen in them and one Twitter user even found 007 James Bond himself wearing a pair. Just assume you’ll be seeing them at your favorite microbrewery all summer long. The only question is, do we really need to see 2-feet of hairy man leg?

Meanwhile, Gwen Stefani has been seen sporting a pair of sneakers with boyfriend Blake Shelton’s face on them. While it’s always nice to support your talent show co-hosts, it takes “The Boy Is Mine” to a whole new level. We hear Miranda Lambert has the same pair, but with Blake’s eyes exed out with Sharpie.

Are you looking for that “I’ve got jaundice” look for your next night out? Look no further - introducing “yellow blush”, the next big thing in makeup. While we might be able to see the sunny inspiration for this summer trend, it seems to go against the natural rosy-cheeked ambitions of blush in the first place - if it’s yellow, can we even call it “blush”?

Haven’t heard of fidget spinners yet? You need to talk to your kids more. Fidget spinners are a small piece of plastic with a ball bearing in the center. They typically cost under $10 and are all the rage in elementary and middle schools right now - so much so that some schools have banned them for being too distracting, despite their being advertised as concentration tools. Where there’s a fad, there’s someone capitalizing on it, and one eight-year-old entrepreneur did just that. His dad told him to make some money for himself, so the enterprising kid imported 200 spinners from China and started his own online fidget spinner business. If you’re looking for a slightly more expensive way of jumping on the fidget train, this guy decided to make his own drilling a hole through the middle of his $700 iPhone. What a waste.

Looking for the perfect shot of espresso on the go? You need the Mokase, the iPhone case that will brew a shot of espresso for you, wherever you are! Just insert an espresso cartridge, and the case’s battery will heat it up for you. Currently looking to shore up funds on Kickstarter, Mokase looks to ship in September, when we’ll start hearing about pocket-brews instead of pocket-dials.

As if Jeff Goldblum wasn’t one of the coolest actors on the planet already, it turns out that the Oscar-nominated actor could have been the voice in your pocket. Goldblum recounted that almost 20 years ago, Steve Jobs called him up and asked if he’d be the voice of Apple. While we don’t know why he turned it down, we can only wonder what life would be like with a sassy Jeff Goldblum as the voice of Siri. “I'm simply saying that life, uh... finds a way. Take your next left.”

Former “Sk8er Girl” and Nickelback fan Avril Lavigne is the subject of the latest meme to sweep the internet. Since 2003, unsubstantiated rumors that Avril died and was replaced with a doppelganger have swirled. Today, with a new album on the way, “Avril” Tweeted a “shadowy photo” of the singer sitting at a piano to promote it and her conspiracy theorists have gone wild, meme-ing her and calling her “Melissa”, the suspected doppelganger’s name. Let’s split the difference, maybe we can land on Melissavril?

Sadly, we bid farewell to musician/singer/songwriter Chris Cornell this week. Cornell was pivotal to the birth of the 90’s grunge movement, fronting Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog, collaborating with artists from Alice Cooper to Santana to American Idol’s David Cook, and releasing an additional five solo albums. There are still a lot of questions surrounding his untimely death. The Detroit medical examiner ruled his death a suicide, but his wife says the anti-anxiety drug Ativan could have played a role. Ativan is known to have side effects including, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts, and hallucinations. Cornell leaves behind his wife, two daughters and a son; our thoughts are with his loved ones.

In closing, the weather’s balmy and breezy, it’s the perfect time to go and enjoy the great outdoors! If you’ve got your phone there’s no reason to go completely off the grid. You can even use the new app Tentrr! Tentrr is a little like AirBnB - tell Tentrr where you want to camp and it will show you a listing of fully furnished campsites vetted by Tentrr’s staff. Or you could listen to Icelandic superstar Bjork’s advice and take an Insta break to be one with nature. Either way, get out there and explore!