The Cubs Win, Double Dare Returns, and Buff Kangaroos, All This & More In The Weekly Spread!

With election day drawing nigh, tensions are drawing high. According to the most recent New York Times/CBS polls, the race has settled back into a close contest, with Hillary Clinton narrowly in the lead. The poll includes the vast number of Americans who have taken advantage of early voting and have already cast their ballots. Even British superstar Adele has let her endorsement be known; she made her support of Hillary Clinton known at her last concert (which also happened to be Clinton’s birthday). More than that, she later elaborated on her disdain for Trump as a candidate by pointing out the incongruity of a reality tv star running for president. Meanwhile, Trump thinks it’s just so unfair that Hillary Clinton gets to go to an Adele concert on her birthday (and that it clearly reflects upon her lagging stamina). But then again, Trump did get to star in that amazing SNL Drake spoof, so let’s chalk this up to a tie!

The protests at Standing Rock have sounded as a call to action across the country. As the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline project moves ahead, indigenous people living in the Standing Rock reservation are protesting this encroachment onto their land and clean water supply. The protesters have set up peaceful and unarmed camps to block the planned construction as it nears the Missouri river, and they have garnered widespread support from around the country. As the Standing Rock tribe brings their protest to court as well, many in the camps are facing violence and arrests from the police force. Facebook has been a platform of support for those around the country, as more than a million people have “checked in” to Standing Rock on Facebook in order to show their support and particularly in response to rumors that the local police force was using this social media location feature to track those activists supporting and involved in the protests. The efforts have not been in vain as President Obama recently stated that the Army Corps of Engineers is looking for alternative routes for the pipeline!
On the tails of the backlash against a year of Nobel Prize winners that woefully underrepresented women, there has not been a resounding positive response to Bono of U2 being included in Glamour magazine’s “women of the year” list. The confusion arises from the fact that Bono is not, in fact, a woman. Glamour justifies their decision by supporting a need to include men integrally in gender issues, and that Bono, with his philanthropic efforts, was the ideal candidate. Bono humbly agreed, saying that as men are largely responsible for issues in gender inequality, they must be ‘involved in the solutions’. You’re not wrong, Bono, but that isn’t going to stop Twitter from mocking. Why can’t we all just come together… (wait for it)... in the name of love? Editorial note: Nailed it!
It’s been a whirlwind season for the Chicago Cubs, who grasped victory in the World Series earlier this week for the first time in 108 years (Pre-coffee filters yo!). Chicago, and Cubs fans everywhere, held their breath until the team defeated their opponents the Cleveland Indians 8 to 7, with a 10-inning victory. After years of near-misses and curses of billy goats, an interference from diabolical fan Steve Bartman, the Cubs finally pulled into home plate, historically rallying from a three games to one Series deficit. Take a look at this video of beautiful celebration if you need some of that cheer that only comes with the hard-won victory of the underdog. Way to go Cubs, you earned this! Ferris Bueller would be proud.  

After the death of Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest last year, the remaining members of the hip-hop group will finally release their sixth album in honor and celebration of their deceased friend and fellow artist. The album features each of the four members of the group, as well as a whole host of musical guests. The album, “We Got It From Here, Thank You For Your Service” will be released on Nov. 11.  To hype the album (as if it needed any more) ATCQ will appear on SNL on Nov 12th with none other than Dave Chappelle hosting. No word yet if Dave will revisit any of his characters from his acclaimed show, but fingers-crossed for some Rick James action! A Wayne Brady cameo wouldn’t hurt either.

If you were thinking about a new workout regimen to avoid gaining a few holiday pounds, you might want to look to this seriously buff kangaroo for some inspiration. A photographer in Western Australia spotted the guy in the midst of his herd a few days ago and promptly discovered there was already another buff kangaroo out there. Geez, what are they putting in these Vegemite sandwiches?
80’s kids rejoice! The pinnacle “gameshow” of our youth is making a comeback. That’s right, Double Dare returns to Nickelodeon! The show began its legendary 500 episode run in 1986, ending in 1993.  For those curious, yes, Mark “I host Unwrapped on the Food Network and it’s awesome!” Summers is returning to host the gak-heavy guessing game.
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In closing, start your weekend early with a bit of help from A Tribe Called Quest.