Drake’s Missed Kiss, Celebrity Z Lists, and The Passing of a Legend, all this and More in the Weekly Spread!

2016 has claimed another legend, this time in the form of comedy God Gene Wilder who has left this world at 83 years young. The star of the best two Mel Brooks movies and our version of Willy Wonka (#sorrynotsorry Johnny Depp) passed away due to complications with Alzheimer’s earlier this week. His mark on our culture will ensure his legacy for centuries to come and we thank him for that.

Rumors began flying after an attempted kiss by Drake failed to land on his supposed sweetheart Rihanna during the VMAs this past week (Oh the cringe-worthy awkwardness!).  However that didn’t stop the pair from locking lips later this week. If that wasn’t enough to set the record straight, TMZ reported Rihanna’s most recent ink, a small shark, as being a tattoo dedicated to their relationship.  If that doesn’t make your Hotline Bling, then we encourage you to check for a pulse.

In other VMA news, Beyonce destroyed as per ushe.

Facebook’s Trending algorithm comes under more fire this week. After it was outed that real-life people determined which stories made their way into the coveted Trending section on Facebook, the company switched over to a new algorithm. An algorithm that it looks like may need a bit more work as stories involving Fast Food romance and Fox News falsity appeared and stayed in the trending section despite a low level of conversation. We can only hope Facebook works through the kinks, allowing our trending sections to be filled with stories that really matter: like how Pokemon Go is bringing buddies in their next update!

Worried that you might be falling off the celebrity D-list? Don’t worry! A recent New York times article lists the rising popularity of the Celebrity Z-List! We’re not quite sure who’s on lists E - Y, but the Z-list is full of minor YouTube stars, friends of Reality TV Stars and… another daughter of Lionel Richie? By comparison, it’s understandable why Kathy Griffin is bragging about her life on the D-list!

As the writer of this blog post is currently only on episode 5, it’s safe to say the remainder of this blog post will be spoiler free!  ‘Stranger Things’ has become the Netflix breakout hit of the summer with Season 2 confirmed to return in 2017.  Fans of the 8 episode first season will only have to wait a year to see what crazy antics Eleven and the rest of her gang of colorful 80’s misfits get into next. Personally, I’m just waiting for the scene where Eleven buys all of those waffles. Why is she buying waffles? Is this even in the show? Are Eggo’s some form of weapon? Is she also buying gallons of syrup?  

Score one for America, George Washington University has hired a former al-Qaeda recruiter as a research fellow. The reformed Jihadist converted to the Muslim faith after reading Malcolm X’s autobiography while in prison for drug-related charges. Following his release, he began exhorting others to follow Osama bin Laden. His personal insight into the psychology of radicalization has already proven to be a boon as America works to better understand the driving force behind ISIS/ISIL recruitment efforts.

And lastly, we leave you with this. An adorable Bichon Frise has taken over the Internet this week due to her cloud-esque hair cut.  Get your daily dose of adorable and follow her on Instagram.  107k followers can’t be wrong!