Everest Shrinks, Lunar Brews, and NBA Cat Memes, All This and More in the Weekly Spread!

Cat Meme. That’s probably all we’ll have to say to put a smile on your face today. But when cat memes mix with pro sports, the elation is taken up another notch. Fans of the Philadelphia 76ers have created a #raisethecat sensation in response to their team’s victories. The trend started with Sixers rookie Ben Simmons, who regularly posts pics of himself and his kitty. From there, a Philly fan named Dennis Grove noticed and took it to the next logical step: he added the hashtag. The phenomenon has grown among their fans and now the interwebs is awash with pics of fans holding their adorable cats in the air with captions to celebrate the 76ers. We can’t say with certainty that the cats are loving it, but they’re at least being good sports!

Last Saturday, less than 24 hours after the swearing-in of President Donald Trump, millions of women took to the streets in cities across the US and throughout the world to protest what they see as Government infringement on various rights. This includes women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, religious rights, and the rights of minorities. Many of the marchers wore pink knit caps called...er…”cat”hats...as a direct protest to the incoming president’s past sexist remarks. It’s estimated that crowds of over 470,000 swelled the streets of Washington, D.C., with sister marches from New York, to Chicago to Los Angeles. States far and wide brought numbers ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of participants.

In other “marching” news, everyone’s favorite insane clown posse musical group - the Insane Clown Posse - has announced that their fans, known as Juggalos, will be marching to protest their inclusion on the FBI’s list of active gangs. If you’re a Juggalo and unhappy with the inclusion, stock up on black and white face paint and buy your tickets to D.C. for the September 16 event, also featuring ICP, 2 Live Crew and Vanilla Ice live in concert!

After all that marching, you’ll probably want to watch this super cute video of a dad and his 4-year-old daughter singing “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” in duet. Ah Randy Newman, your songs bring us such joy...

Move over “Hamilton”, there’s a new, more fashionable musical on the horizon. “The Devil Wears Prada” - the musical - has just been announced. With music to be written by none other than Sir Elton John, this Broadway sensation is now ON the map - alongside his other musical projects, such as The Lion King and Billy Eliott. While fans are elated, there are a lot of questions still to answer. Will Meryl Streep reprise her role as Miranda Priestly, but now with sudden bursts of song? Will Anne Hathaway - who has a proclivity for musical theater - be making the run for Broadway? Will anyone be able to dance in an Armani suit? The details are being worked out, so stay tuned!

Are claustrophobia, agoraphobia and long lines keeping you from being a part of society? Google Maps to the rescue! Your old buddy Google has rolled out a new feature called “Popular Times” in the latest iOS update. While Google Maps (not to be confused with Apple Maps) has shown peak times for a while, now it’ll tell you how crowded a store or restaurant is vs. typical crowds in real time via a handy pink bar. No more leisurely trips to Trader Joe’s only to arrive in horror as you see the lines winding through the aisles. No more mornings without your cup of coffee simply because the line at Starbucks was atrocious and no one warned you enough ahead of time (though really, you should just be using mobile order at Starbucks at this point).

Phone calls to the White House have been popular in recent weeks, with many people across the country taking advantage of their right to a phone call and complaint. With such a high number of calls, the switchboard has shut down and is now directing constituents to send a message through the White House Facebook page or through the official WH website.

Before you add “Climb the Tallest Mountain in the World” to your bucket list, you may want to do some measuring first. After a massive earthquake shook Nepal in April 2015, there is speculation that the peak of Mount Everest, known for the past 62 years as the tallest mountain peak in the world, might have dipped by about a meter. India plans to send an expedition out to re-measure Mount Everest’ previously accepted height of 29,028 ft. The Nepalese government hasn’t agreed to let them access the region yet, but once the survey begins, we should know whether the peak stands as “The Tallest” 45 days later.

Finally, in the name of science, one enterprising group of engineers from the University of San Diego has decided it’s time to return to the moon. Happy Hour, in fact. They want to be the first to brew beer on a lunar landscape. The idea started out as a joke, but the engineers realized it would be an ingenious idea to bring to the Google Lunar X Prize competition, with a chance to actually head to the moon. The experiments hope to yield insights on how yeast reacts in zero gravity so long-distance space travellers may one day be able to make bread and other goodies (can you say space cakes?). We’re sure astronauts, professional and amateur, would love to enjoy a nice cold space beer. One small step for mankind, one giant leap for the micro-brew!