Facebook Moms, Snapchat Love, Twitter War and More in The Weekly Spread!

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a...Facebook profile picture? A professor of human sciences and psychology at The Ohio State University published a study that found that moms are more likely to post photos and updates about their child when they feel pressure from society to strive for parental perfection. The study also found that most moms felt that motherhood had to be their central identity. So before you block your mommy friends’ posts from your newsfeed, just give their latest posts a ‘thumbs up’ first.

In a world where “we found love in a hopeless place” is actually a real thing thanks to Tinder, Bumble, etc., Snapchat has once again proven to be a place to find your true love. This incredible Snap-nection (coining it!) required a host of characters including: Spoiler Girl, Mystery Car Girl, an Investment Bank final and Trevor. The love story began on “Epic Night Utah State’s” public snap story, continued with a private response of, “You’re Hot!”  and ended with a silent dance battle in the library. So many feels! This will definitely a be a story to tell the grandbabies - in 10 sec intervals of course.

Last week a California judge sentenced Brock Turner, a 20-year-old former Stanford student and athlete, to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. The judge felt that prison would have a “severe impact” on Turner. The internet took action with an online petition to remove the judge from his position. On the day of Turner’s sentencing, the victim herself read a powerful letter that she wrote to Turner. The letter, which has been read and shared by millions of people, details the “severe impact” that Turner and this incident have left on her. Her letter has drawn so much attention that Vice President Joe Biden wrote an open letter to her. It’s a little early, but I think we may have found our winner for “Worst Person of 2016.”  

Arms race: Snoop Dogg versus J.K. Simmons. We don’t think any MLB teams will be offering Snoop Dogg a contract after his first pitch at the San Diego Padres game on Wednesday. But he had a good sense of humor about it because he ‘beat’ 50 Cent. Snoop’s opponent, 61-year-old, J.K. Simmons has been hitting the weight room for his new role as Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming ‘Justice League’ movie. He’s sending out a mass invite to the gun show because his other motivation factor? Tank tops. No need to twist your arm, we’re pretty sure Simmons won this round.

No Tennessine isn’t a state. It’s an element and there are four new ones. Time to update your Periodic Table nerds.

Thinking about painting your living room? We don’t recommend “opaque couché.” The color, also called Pantone 448 C, has won the title of the ugliest color in the world!  (Editor’s note: Wait, there’s an ugliest color in the world contest? Was Puce not an option?!) It has been associated with words such as “death,” “tar,” and “dirty” but if that’s the look that you’re going for with your decor, by all means. We don’t judge.

Get into a bench-clearing brawl and receive free crab cakes for life. Sounds about right for Baltimore Orioles third baseman Manny Machado. Machado charged the mound during the fifth inning after he was hit by a pitch from Kansas City Royals pitcher, Yordano Ventura, which caused benches to clear and punches to be thrown. Both Machado and Ventura have been suspended for multiple games and received fines. Both are also set to appeal their punishments.

The jabs were not just thrown on the base-brawl field this week. Welcome to Mean Girls 3: The 2016 Election. The political Mean Girls party throwdown took place on Twitter. The “he said, she said” started when Donald Trump took a dig at President Obama and Hillary Clinton after Obama said #ImWithHer and endorsed “crooked” Hillary. Trump farther tweeted, “He wants four more years of Obama—but nobody else does!” Hillary came back with the upper cut and shut it down with three words: Boo, you jerk Delete your account. Her now infamous tweet, which has been retweeted 400K times, is the most retweeted tweet of her campaign. But don’t worry, Regina George, we knew Donald Trump’s crew had his back.  And yes Mean Girls 2 does exist (and it has Tim Meadows!).

Speaking of Obama, he swung by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to sensually share the accomplishments of his last 8 years. Commander and Preach!