Fake News, Biden Memes, and Hannah Montana Returns, All This and More on the Weekly Spread!

In the aftermath of the election, Facebook and Google have come under fire for accusations that the prevalent propagation of fake news on their platforms helped to influence the outcome of the election. Whether you believe that or not, in the days leading up to the election, ‘fake’ news stories were outperforming legitimate sources on the social media site. Many are calling for Facebook reform, including a covert team of Facebook’s own employees! Obama has weighed in, saying that if people "can't discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems." Unfortunately, this editor would like to remind Obama that it wasn’t too long ago that people had a hard time discerning between butter and “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.
Planning a last minute vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday? Or looking ahead to your next big travel plans? Now you can look to Airbnb for all your travel needs, not just accommodation. In a redesigned version of their app, Airbnb now offers to help you plan your entire vacation, down to every detail. Interested travelers can choose to take part in a travel “experience,” - host-guided travel independent to the travel location. Individuals traveling to Italy can take part in Truffle Hunting, those vacationing in NYC can enjoy guided museum tours and for those heading to Hickory, NC, I’m sorry.
Meanwhile, in the entertainment industry, J. K. Rowling is at it again. The upcoming release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them takes us back to the wizarding world that we all love. The latest HP chapter takes us back in time to the wizarding world of 1926 and gives us a bit of USA-based context for the world in which the characters in the Harry Potter series live. With the script built upon Rowling’s slim 2001 ‘duplicate Hogwarts textbook’ with the same title, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, it takes on quite another volume as the first in a series of five (yes, FIVE!) projected “Fantastic Beasts” features to be released in the coming years. We asked Rowling’s for a comment on the upcoming film, but we weren't able to make the request heard over the truck load of money being dumped on to her porch.  
Speaking of some entertainment industry updates, Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted in Edinburgh and everyone immediately took to Twitter to express their excitement. Rivaling last year’s George Clooney visit, the Scottish reaction to Leo visiting a cafe was positive to say the least. In all fairness, we’re pretty confident Leo would get this reaction in almost any city he visits.
Pushing full speed ahead, the president-elect Donald Trump has mentioned that he might need a little more time for his own personal presidential transition. It is of course assumed that he will move to the White House come inauguration time, but for a self-proclaimed ‘homebody’ like Trump, it may prove more difficult to leave his own familiar room at Trump Towers. How could he abandon an apartment/mansion that he designed with 24-karat gold and marble in the Louis XIV style as a “tribute to his self-image”?

With the upcoming changing of the guard, many are asking what’s next for our current President Obama. While Obama himself took to the interwebs to share his vision of the next phase in his and Vice-President (and former dream boat!) Joe Biden’s life, the internet had it’s own plans for the dynamic duo - playing hilarious pranks on the incoming Trumpster. From harmlessly replacing all shampoo bottles with traveled sized versions (He’s got such tiny hands!) to holding out on sharing the wifi password, Joe Biden is the passive-aggressive hero we need.  


It truly is the “Best of Both Worlds!” Hannah Montana is returning to TV! While it won’t be new episodes, the Disney Channel will be airing the entire 98-episode season Dec 3 - 29!  Like OMG! I have run out of evens! I can’t EVEN anymore!
In closing, is there anything more metal than Metallica singer James Hetfield rocking Enter Sandman on a toy clarinet?! We think not.