Fake Stalin Quotes, Full House Returns, Neck Contouring and more in the Weekly Spread!

Fellow celebrities have been coming out to support artist Kesha as she faces court proceedings and tries to extract herself from a contract with Dr. Luke, to whom she had allegedly been the victim of sexual assault. There is much controversy surrounding the issue as Dr. Luke has denied all allegations and pushed evidence that the singer has fabricated the accusations in order to leverage a contract with Sony. After defeat in the courts and a period of silence, Kesha has come out on Instagram to publicly thank her fans for their support.

Members of the literary community and the public at large mourn the death of Harper Lee, author of the beloved novel To Kill A Mockingbird. She died at 89, in her hometown of Monroeville, Alabama. A Pulitzer-prize winning writer, she never published anything after To Kill A Mockingbird until her publishers at HarperCollins announced they would publish an early manuscript of hers, Go Set A Watchman, just recently in 2015.

Last night’s GOP debates got a little spirited to say the least. To begin, Marco Rubio finally shot back at Donald Trump for his stance on immigration by way of pointing out that part of Trump’s experience in business that many are so pleased with relies heavily on his hiring of illegal immigrants. Rubio continued on his warpath, going after Trump’s inheritance and bringing up the lawsuits with Trump University. On top of all that, Trump found himself in game of ‘liar liar’ with Ted Cruz. Check out some of these highlights. (Trump’s embarrassing experience at the debate may only serve as slight consolation against the disconcerting reality of his numbers in the race for nomination, as it stands he would be the first candidate on record to lose a nomination after winning three of the first four states to vote). Meanwhile, Ben Carson was begging for an attack, frustrated at a lack of speaking time. Well, looks like he’ll be getting just that as the internet is erupting after his citing a fake Stalin quote in his closing statement. More proof to support what Marilyn Monroe famously said, “Everything on the internet is 100% true!”

 Worried that the snapchat game won’t be strong enough at your the next event? Never fear! Snapchat is rolling out a new custom “on-demand” geofilter feature. Businesses and individuals will be able to design their own geofilters and map out the specific geographic area and time frame that they would like it to cover. You can use Snapchat’s online tool to play around with options and pricing (and you may want to, as these filters can range from $5 to several thousand). As if deciding on flowers and invitations wasn’t enough, now you and your spouse can argue over that perfect filter graphic for your upcoming nuptials.

Leave it to the Kardashian generation to come up with one of the most ridiculous beauty trends yet. We know all about face contouring in the world a dedicated cosmetics, but did you know that you’ve been neglecting to beautify the back of your neck? The new trend of neck contouring is going wild on Instagram, because you simply cannot pull of an elegant updo without primping and slimming your neck.

Lastly, in a world of reboots, TGIF powerhouse Full House streamed into our lives once again thanks to the mighty Netflix gods.  We asked for it and they responded, “You got it Dude!” We asked them to, “Cut it out!” But they insisted (“How rude!”) on remaking this 90’s childhood staple.  “Have mercy” on us, but for the record this editor is thrilled to see the Tanner family reunited.