Friends! The Musical!, Robot Doodles, and Remembering Charlie Murphy, All This & More In The Weekly Spread!

Comedian, and older brother to Eddie Murphy, passed away this past Thursday of leukemia. While growing up in the shadow of a famous sibling is never easy, Charlie carved his own path. With a reputation as an amazing storyteller, Charlie became a household name after appearing on the Dave Chappelle show in a number of high-profile sketches. Charlie Murphy then went on to appear in a number of other high-profile projects including The Boondocks, Night at the Museum, and Norbit (hey, we thought it was funny!).  We raise our coffee mugs to Charlie Murphy, he’s eating pancakes with Prince now.

United Airlines is under some serious heat after videos of a passenger being forcibly dragged off of one of their planes went viral earlier this week. After stating they had overbooked a flight out of Chicago on Sunday, United Airlines officials went through the routine protocol of asking passengers to volunteer to give up their seats on the overbooked flight in exchange for compensation and a hotel stay. When a few seats were still needed, and there was no one volunteering, flight officials announced they would choose passengers at random. This resulted in one Dr. David Doa being selected.

After the doctor exercised his right to remain in his seat (citing he had patients waiting on him the next day), airport law enforcement was called. The end result was the 65 year old man being dragged through the aisle of the airplane. After a hospital stay, attorneys are now saying that the passenger may need surgery to correct a broken nose. In response, people are boycotting the airline and sending words of support to injured passenger like wildfire through the internet.

When it rains, it pours (scorpions). If United wasn’t in enough heat already, a passenger flying from Houston to Calgary was stung when a scorpion dropped onto him from the overhead bins. The passenger landed safely with no lingering side effects to the scorpion, aside from an awesome story he’ll be dining out on for years to come.   

Look out (again), Hamilton, there’s another adaptation from the screen to the stage coming to Broadway. While we still eagerly await the singing version of The Devil Wears Prada, we can now also start to get excited for Friends! The Musical! For all those die-hard fans out there, this could either be a dream come true, or a surefire way to bastardize the greatest sitcom ever made. Well, in truth, the musical is written to be a parody and will be performed off-broadway. But either way, prepare for awkward musical numbers about Chandler’s jokes, or someone belting out the words: “We were on a break!!!”

Attention all you would-be Picassos, Google can now take your rudimentary doodle and turn it into a pristine doodle! Try it for yourself here. Users can watch as their shaky-lined boat gets turned into a sailboat worthy of the great captains of old. Same with spiders, birds, UFOs and anything else your 5-year old Michelangelo would crank out.

A new ad from Burger King takes on the advent of voice-activated technology, and tries to use it to their advantage. In the video, a Burger King employee laments that the 15 second commercial break isn’t long enough to describe the signature ‘Whopper’ burger, so he turns to the internet for help by saying "O.K. Google" and letting Wikipedia do the heavy lifting for him. The goal is that the commercial itself will trigger any nearby voice-activated Google devices to read out the enticing Wikipedia entry for the Whopper ingredients. Though this may have worked the first few times, some mischief-makers had the idea to edit the Wikipedia article (or at least we hope no one’s been finding any toenail clippings or cyanide in their burgers), and then after a while it seemed that the commercial had stopped activating the device. Apparently Google was not O.K, and decided to revoke Burger King’s voice-activation privileges. We guess BK couldn’t have it their way this time.

Meanwhile, the burger excitement continues! After watching enough YouTube videos to feel confident enough to get behind the wheel and operate a motor vehicle, an 8-year-old boy in Ohio snuck out of the house and drove his little sister to McDonald’s. After a joyride through a couple intersections and across some railroad tracks, they managed to get to their destination unscathed. In fact, witnesses reported total observance of traffic laws and excellent form behind the wheel. Kudos to the Lucky Dog in training.

As some of us gear up for the Easter holiday, one little girl in Scotland is asking the really important questions. What exactly is the deal with the Easter Bunny? Why does everyone give us so much chocolate and candy on holidays when the country is gripped by obesity? What was Jesus’ favorite type of chocolate? Geez tiny girl, just enjoy your Saxon inspired Cadbury Eggs like the rest of us.

Speaking of adorable children, another 3 year old (who apparently wasn’t having an existential crisis *ahem*), decided that only a pooh-themed birthday bash would work for them. The party included emoji pillows, pooh balloons, costumes and even a “Pin the Pooh in the Toilet” game.  

Lastly, here is a video of two baby goats in sweaters learning how to jump to end your week on a high note.