Gather ‘Round For a Hygge, a Pop Prince and Princess Lost, and a Face-lift for a 4,000 Year-Old, All This and More in the Weekly Spread!

In our post-holiday daze, it’s time to start making resolutions and thinking about what's important in the New Year! It's also the time of year to snuggle up to someone you care about, and many are finding solace in one term from the Oxford Dictionary’s shortlist for 2016’s “Word of the Year” - the Danish term “hygge” (confusingly pronounced “hoo-gah”), essentially a verb form of cozy. “Hygge” encompasses the comfy-cozy feelings of staying in and taking pleasure in warm cups of tea by the fire with some fun friends and family. After all the trials and tribulations of 2016, taking a little “hygge” break before getting back down to business sounds pretty good. Among unfortunate items also up for "Word of the Year", you'll find anti-hygge terms such as alt-right and coulrophobia.

Some had a whiter christmas than they bargained for this week when a massive blizzard swept across the northern U.S., shutting down miles of highway and eliciting no-travel warnings galore. Getting snowed in your house with no power may not seem like the ideal holiday, but perhaps the silver lining could be a chance to indulge in a bit of “hygge” by candlelight.

Everyone’s testing out the fancy gifts they received over the holidays, and more than a few people were excited to find drones under the Christmas tree this year. The aftermath, however, was not so picturesque. Get some laughs at others expenses with these holiday drone stories, including toppled trees, new hair-don’ts and a few disastrous dive-bombs. These flyers need some drone-driving lessons!   

As if 2016 didn’t already take enough out of us, we’re now mourning the loss of two more beloved celebrities this week. George Michael, English songwriter and popstar, died on Christmas day. One of the biggest stars of the ‘80s and ‘90s, Michael sold millions of albums on his own and as part of the duo Wham!. Michael was known for his freedom of expression and comfort in his sexuality. Many of us have been singing along to the Wham! hit “Last Christmas” for weeks leading up to the holiday, and it seems a fitting and bittersweet moment to remember this iconic musician.

On top of this, Star Wars princess Carrie Fisher passed away on Tuesday morning after suffering a heart attack earlier this week. The actress and writer, daughter of singer Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds, established a popular and revered image as Princess Leia in addition to providing commentary in her writing from celebrity status. May the Force be with her in her final journey.

Every mommy will be refreshing their look for the new year, and this year, ancient mummies will be too! A 4,000 year old Egyptian mummy housed in the Indian Museum in Kolkata is scheduled for a face-lift soon. Although it has spent the past years preserved in an “insulated cabinet”, authorities haven’t assessed its condition or inspected it’s holding chamber. Finally, a plastic surgery patient that can’t file a malpractice lawsuit!

President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team recently came forward with plans to dissolve his foundation, under concerns about conflicts of interest. This, however, elicited a quick response from New York’s attorney general, who reminded him that he cannot legally dissolve the foundation while it’s being investigated by the State. Meanwhile, plans for his inauguration are caught in controversy as well. Despite struggles to find artists willing to perform at the inauguration for Mr. Trump, it seemed that the Rockettes were locked in to appear. But many of the women who make up the Rockettes were unwilling to perform in the ceremony, stating they did not want to be "involved in a dangerous political climate". Their union, the American Guild of Variety Arts took issue with that and said that all full-time Rockettes were “obligated” to perform at the event. Individual Rockettes and their allies took to social media to discuss the obligation and possible loss of their employment if they did not perform. The online pressure eventually led to the the Madison Square Garden Company (producer of the Rockettes shows) releasing a statement that explained that the individual Rockettes could choose whether they would participate or not.

If you’re looking to plan your next family vacation, check out this sneak peek of Disney’s new ‘Avatar’ theme park. Complete with realistic animatronics populating the area, bioluminescent forests, and the floating mountains from the film - though these may not be quite to scale with what we saw in the movie. Either way, ‘Pandora: The World of Avatar’ will be open for the public to judge in summer 2017.

New York City Police believe they have finally identified a man who is believed to have stolen an 86-pound bucket of gold leaf - valued at $1.6 million dollars - from the open back of an armored truck in September. The search for suspect Julio Nivelo has been called “Operation Lucky Charm“, aptly named since the man literally made off with a pot o’ gold. Nivelo is thought to be hiding out at the end of the rainbow - in Los Angeles. The NYPD is offering a $100,000 reward for information that leads to the leprechaun’s arrest, so if you know anything, you may just walk away with a pot of gold yourself!

In conclusion, as we reflect on the past year and prepare ourselves for 2017, here’s Time Magazine’s “Top 10 Everything of 2016”. Spanning entertainment, tech, and pop culture, you can check out their take on the 10 best and worst movies of the year (we won’t tell you which list Zoolander 2 made), apps and and late-night show shenanigans. Let the debates begin!