Gilmore Girls, Halftime Glory, Gravity Theories and More In The Weekly Spread!

At this year’s Super Bowl halftime, Beyonce undoubtedly stole the show right out from under Coldplay. In addition to a performance that just about blew the crowd away, the superstar has dropped a surprise and politically conscious new video for her song Formation that quickly climbed the charts and she finished off by announcing her first solo tour since 2013’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. But Chris Martin sure did jump a lot… so that’s one point on his scoreboard, we guess?

This past Thursday was one of excitement and jubilation for scientists and physics geeks everywhere! Nearly one hundred years after Einstein first theorized about gravitational waves, scientists have finally found evidence of such ripples in the fabric of space. First detected on September 14 of this year, this discovery of detectable gravitational waves in space-time confirms one of Einstein's previously most inexplicable theories and will revolutionize the world of science. In honor of this, we’d like to share our favorite Einstein joke:

Q: How does Einstein begin a story?

A: Once upon a space-time......


Pharma bro Martin Shkreli is just basking in his infamy, and continues to troll the public. In his latest stroke of genius, Shkreli publicized an offer to buy Kanye West’s new album and his plan to become the sole owner of said album. Likely gaining confidence from his position as the exclusive owner of the most recent Wu-Tang album, he fully expects a serious answer from Kanye who has yet to issue a response. This might be the first time ever Kanye has kept quiet on a topic about himself.

Things are heating up in the Democratic debates. After her defeat in the New Hampshire primary, Hillary Clinton had her challenges ready to present to Bernie Sanders on Thursday night’s debate. She criticized her opponent for a lack of transparency and unrealistic plans, while he replied sometimes dismissively and had criticisms of his own to counter with. Critics are praising Clinton for her composure throughout the debate, while commenting that Sanders seemed to get a little testy. Insert your own “Feeling the Bern” joke here.

Good news for all those devoted fans, Gilmore Girls is indeed moving forward with their series revival. Even more important, all two of our favorite heartthrobs will be returning to the screen. Jared Padalecki and Milo Ventimiglia will once again be able to vie for the affection of Rory Gilmore. They join previously confirmed Matt Czuchry (Logan Huntzberger), reuniting all three of Rory’s pass romances in what can only be described as the most epic verbal woo-off since Pride and Prejudice.  #TeamLogan!

In other important television news, the trailer for the new season of House of Cards is out and it is full of intensity and suspense. Not that we expected anything else, there is bound to be scandal and criminal action aplenty when Season 4 is finally released on March 4th. If you’re looking for something with a bit more comedic relief, however, don’t forget to catch Zoolander 2 in theaters this week. Although we’ve heard that rather than being really, really, ridiculously good-looking, this long-awaited sequel might just be really, really...ridiculous.