Goodbye to Vine, Uber Flies & David S. Pumpkins, All This & More In The Weekly Spread!

It’s time to get organized with those crazy stunts you’ve been thinking up for years, because there is now a finite amount of time that you can justify your foolish actions by saying that you  “did it for the Vine”. Following a suspicious Twitter announcement that the company was restructuring, it was then announced that Vine will cease to exist within a few months. Among other reasons for the demise of the beloved video application, it seems that Vine could not stand up against competition from the ever-growing platforms of Snapchat and Instagram. Don’t worry, though, you’ll have time to download all your own precious content as well as catch up and admire some of the Vine masterpieces from over the years. I guess this means we’ll never know if Ryan Gosling will eat his cereal.

On the political front, many are turning to Harry Potter metaphors. Actor James Franco recently endorsed Hillary Clinton with a Dos Equis commercial-inspired video on Instagram. Adding to his level of allusion and wit, he praised the Democratic candidate with a comparison to Hermione Granger. This comes as an enlightening and timely notion, perhaps supporting the theory that the recent destruction of Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was indeed a deliberate elimination of one of his seven horcruxes.  Hermione, er - Hillary, might be well served to keep a basilisk fang nearby lest she find another horcrux in a copy of The Art of the Deal or ‘The Donald’s’ toupee.
America isn’t the only place with political drama going on, however. In the wake of ‘Brexit’, a petition has been started to throw Scotland out of the UK. This petition calls for a debate on whether or not Scotland should remain a part of the UK based on arguments of economic advantages and/or losses among other things. #Throwscotlandout has gained popularity and elicited varying responses - from serious indignation to being seen as an opportunity for some cheeky jabs at Britain. The petition comes to light just two years after Scotland upheld their status in the UK through a popular referendum. Hey, if it gets Sean Connery making movies again, we’re all for it!
Speaking of England, the very first fossilized dinosaur brain was found in the swamps of southeast England. Twelves years after an archeologist found a lump of stone in the swamp, scientists have determined that this lump is indeed the remnants of dinosaur brain matter. Showing some similarities to the current brains of crocodiles and birds, this small dinosaur swamp brain stone can now shed light on the evolution of prehistoric creatures (and perhaps also shed some light on the demise of these creatures). Do you want zombie dinosaurs? Because this is how you get zombie dinosaurs!
In anticipation of the big release of the new MacBook Pro, Apple temporarily suspended online shopping on Thursday. Don't panic! Everything should be back in action now after the livestreamed release of the new streamlined 13 and 15 inch MacBooks. Now you’re free to nab some shiny new Apple products (we hear the incoming iPhone 8 will finally be available in multiple display sizes). Check here to see all the the new laptop has to offer. As we’ve come to expect from Apple, some new features will be useful and exciting while other ‘improvements’ seem more like needless deletion of key ports and features. Perhaps their motivation is to make our lives more difficult; with the new MacBook, it’s looking even more unlikely that you’ll have the right adapters to connect anything important. Welcome to dongle hell pt. II.
In other news, Uber seems to be on the up-and-up. As if they weren’t satisfied with their entry into the food delivery market (after people ran out of discount codes and realized there was a delivery fee and surge pricing), the company will now introduce flying Ubers! While they haven’t gotten flying cars quite yet, the company has plans to implement on-demand aviation. Now when you just don’t have time for a car ride across the city, you can simply Uber a jet right to your...rooftop? With self-driving vehicles already an option and these new flight plans, all we need is for Ubers to be seaworthy. Boom! Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the touch of an app.
Tom Hanks returned to SNL over the weekend to host the sketch comedy show for the 9th time! America’s Dad brought heat with a strong show complete with several noteworthy sketches. However, it was Tom Hanks’ absurd and brilliant portrayal of David S. Pumpkin that stole the internet this week. Unfortunately for you last minute Halloween-ers, the costume has already sold out. And if you're asking "who was David S. Pumpkins?"...
And lastly, fall is officially here! Get your autumn on with this video highlighting the gorgeous fall colors at Tahquamenon Falls in Paradise, Michigan