Gosling’s Waltz, Cilantro Outrage and Standing Rock, All This & More In The Weekly Spread!

This past week, the Army Corps of Engineers made the decision to deny the allowance for the key portion of the Dakota pipeline that would run through the territory of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, endangering their land and drinking water. After months of protests and demonstrations, the people of Standing Rock and their supporters finally have a victory to celebrate. Many have been camped out since August or September, as the number of protesters grew into the thousands.

The decision to deny easement for this portion of the pipeline will halt the construction until an alternate route is identified. Although this is welcome news to those who would have been affected by the project, who made their voices be heard, it is not necessarily the end of the fight. The community recognizes there is still work to be done, and worries about whether or not the incoming administration will respect this decision and advocate for the community’s rights.

For some food news, it was a sad day for McDonald’s lovers when Jim Delligatti, inventor of the Big Mac, died the other day. At 98, he lead a long life and left behind a legacy (What is in that secret sauce?!). Delligatti, then a franchise owner in Pennsylvania, presented his master invention to dubious superiors - little did they know it would become the star of the menu. RIP Jim Delligatti, he’s clogging arteries with the angels now.
And on the topic of ostentatious fast food, artificial cheese lovers world-over should be aware of Taco Bell’s new ‘Cheeto Quesadilla’. This elegant, understated meal combines the simple joy of a cheese quesadilla with the in-your-face crunch of Cheetos. Literally, it’s a pile of Cheetos INSIDE a quesadilla. What a time to be alive! Currently this queso-tastic dish is only available in the Philippines, but that hasn’t stopped local YouTubers from giving it a whirl.
It’s becoming clear that the ‘fake news’ epidemic is not indeed fake. While Facebook, one of the main culprits it seems, is trying to fix the problem, the issue might just be getting more serious. In response to recent events having to do with “Pizzagate”, a conspiracy theory that purports the Clinton administration to be involved in a pedophilia ring with a popular DC pizza shop as the front, Hillary Clinton recently said that this unreliability of the media could very well “put lives at risk”. Conspiracy theories have always had the power of causing serious trouble (Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams!) , but is this ambiguity of verified media causing these kinds of things to spiral out of control? Or is the ‘fake news’ epidemic a symptom of the very thing it is denouncing? Is this the beginning of a fake news Inception!? Or was Weekly World News right all along? Regardless of where you stand, it’s good practice to question ANY media. Keep in mind who controls most of it.
Speaking of a new age in media, Twitter continues to be a main platform for the politics (both national and personal) of our new president-elect. While we all were witness to Donald Trump’s enthusiastic use of Twitter during the campaign, the Donald Twitter Drama does not end there. Just like the rest of us, Donald Trump has made it clear that he can follow random people and block anyone who says anything mean about him on Twitter. In response to his intimate and codependent relationship with Twitter as it was parodied on SNL, Trump has called (for like the third time) for the popular late-night comedy show to be scrapped because they are “unfunny” in addition to being “biased” in their portrayal of him now that he has won the election. Poor guy, will somebody just cut him a break already!
Selena Gomez was crowned the Queen of Instagram this year. We (the people) can’t keep our Likes to ourselves (See what we did there!), even with her introspective 14-week hiatus from social media, the celeb managed to dominate the top most-liked posts on the social media platform.
A new dinosaur fossil discovered recently tells the story of a little sparrow-sized dino named Eva, who unfortunately for her, but fortunately for us, got stuck in some resin millions of years ago. The piece of amber in which it was discovered had already been polished by the jeweler and assumed to be plant material. Spoiler-alert, on closer inspection, it turned out to be the tail of a small bird-like dinosaur. This is the first concrete evidence that dinosaurs HAD FEATHERS, giving even more credence to the theory that the T-rex evolved into a chicken!
The kitchen is no stranger to heated battles (who knew you could load a dishwasher wrong?), however these arguments pale in comparison to the Grand Royale, pro-cilantro vs. no-cilantro, war being waged. Thanks in part to a genetic defect that renders some individuals’ tongues unable to process the delicious taste of Cilantro, this spice brawl shows no signs of slowing down. After months of pro-cilantro victories, team no-cilantro has finally pushed back! A disgruntled Australian grocery clerk showed his No-Cilantro pride by creating this hilarious, NSFW grocery sign. On another note, coriander and cilantro are the same thing! Who knew?
In conclusion, if you were feeling romantic or thinking about trying out your dancin’ shoes anytime soon, here is a very elegant video of Ryan Gosling teaching Jimmy Kimmel to waltz.