Gun Control, Robot Chefs, a $100 Donut and More in the Weekly Spread!

President Obama published an op-ed on gun control in the New York Times this week. The president argued that gun control must be the country’s shared responsibility and stated that he would not support any presidential candidates who did not support “common sense” gun control and safety protocols. In addition to this, Obama answered questions on his recent gun control actions and ideas in a live broadcast meeting.

 Your MacBook is about to be much smarter than you (if it wasn’t already). Apple had just acquired Emotient Inc., a startup that claims to be able to read human emotion using artificial intelligence. You may want to be careful how transparent you are around your apple products, or maybe it will be refreshing to have a computer finally understand your emo Facebook status updates on a deep emotional level.

 Speaking of artificial intelligence, there’s good news for those who aren’t particularly skilled in the kitchen. TNL Corp.’s OneCook is the new robot chef that can cook you a plate of steaming Kung Pow Chicken from blending the ingredients to the final garnishments. With OneCook’s buit in recipe program, all you have to do is place ingredients in their respective compartments, close the lid, and in just five and a half minutes dinner is served! We are officially one step closer to living in the age of the Jetsons!  

 It’s football season, and also seems like the winter season is really kicking in. Sunday's NFC Wild Card matchup in Minneapolis is forecasted to be played in a temperature of just 3 degrees Fahrenheit, making it easily one of the coldest games in NFL history. But before the Vikings and Seahawks get too discouraged or worry about frostbite, there is good news - Beyonce will join Coldplay in their halftime performance at the superbowl. So clearly, it will all be worth it.

 Will 2016 be the year you really treat yourself? If you fancy a life of luxury, check out this golden doughnut. It will only cost you $100. The Manila Social Club, a restaurant in New York, is now offering a doughnut topped with Cristal champagne and 24-karat gold flakes. The restaurant owner claims he was not intending to create the world’s most expensive doughnut, but followed that comment with "But then again, it is New York, and there are people willing to put down a grand for a dozen doughnuts.”

 Climate phenomenon El Niño has amped up its intensity in the past few weeks. With clusters of storms heading straight for the coast of California and the likelihood of 2015 being recorded to have had the warmest oceans of any year on record, the effects of El Niño are becoming a bit more disconcerting. The atmosphere seems to be doing some pretty strange things, but don’t worry as Trump has assured us that climate change is just a hoax.  

 The periodic table just got four new elements! Numbers 113, 115, 117, and 118 were announced on Dec. 30 after the discoveries were verified. This is great news for elemental enthusiasts, but really bad news for those of us who had some serious trouble memorizing the periodic table in school.

Having trouble getting back into the rhythm of waking up early after the holidays? The terrible sound of your alarm clock at seven in the morning is probably not helping. Why not wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread? The new Sensorwake alarm clock claims to wake its users with intense smells rather than a loud buzz. You can choose scent capsules from croissants to “lush jungle” smells. This certainly seems better than a repeated beeping in your ear, but may be a bit of a tease to wake up to the smell of croissants if you can’t then enjoy them for breakfast.