Hathaway vs. Kardashians, Print vs. Digital, Snapchat vs Chewbacca and More In The Weekly Spread!

Breaking news: according to an article we found on Twitter a recent study says that social media is now biggest source of news for many. This study conducted by Pew Research Center, states that 62% of Americans get all their relevant info from social media platforms. Might not be surprising considering Facebook’s 1.6 billion users spend enough time on the platform that they’re bound to run into some important news stories circulating the internet. This is also good news for “Snapchat Discover”, as even this platform based on transient images has a notable percentage of users getting much of their news from the features that the app offers. However, lest traditional media despair, the study shows that those who do use social media as their primary source of news also sometimes look at newspapers.  Could this be the end of the media-opoly?

London may have taken note of this as well, as they recently debuted the new Swipe Magazine, billing itself as “the best of the Internet in print.” Despite it seeming to be a downhill trajectory for print media in the UK, the young team thinks that Swipe could be the next big thing in curating popular internet content. Seems a bit like many other magazines, as the content evens out over platforms and media, but initial reception has been positive! No word yet on how they’ll be able to print those hilarious GIF posts.

Speaking of important news we found on social media, looks like Anne Hathaway has gotten herself into a bit of trouble with the sisters Kardashian. The actress threw some “unintended shade” when she posted a meme that pitted the Kardashians against her co-star Helena Bonham Carter, the caption read: In a World of Kardashians… Be A Helena Bonham Carter. Well, some may say she should have expected this, but Hathaway was very quickly besieged by hordes of Kardashian devotees (Kardashianites? Kardashia’s? Kardies?). Even after removing the post with an apology, she remained the target of some indignant (and Game of Thrones themed…?) social media comments.  Stay strong Anne! We believe in you!

Forget singing parrots, and forget Dumbo the flying elephant, meet Korea’s prize talking elephant! Well, he’s not quite a fluent speaker, but he does have quite a vocabulary! (for an elephant) 26-year-old Koshik has learned to imitate the phrases that he hears from his keepers by placing his trunk inside his mouth to manipulate tone. He is able to echo human speech well enough that native Korean speakers can easily understand the phrases.  Looks like Koko may have some competition!

As a growing platform (and source of reliable news), Snapchat just finished raising about $1.8 billion dollars over the last year. This puts the startup’s value somewhere around $20 billion. We bet Facebook is pretty bummed they couldn’t seal the deal to buy the app at $3 billion. These attention-grabbing numbers perhaps indicate more than an app dedicated to silly selfies and creepy filters. The Snapchat team would like to say that their platform is going further in  communication and entertainment. Working with media outlets, premiering an original video series, they’re even considering starting a record label! Might not seem so extraordinary when people are already turning to Snapchat to document things like their climb of Mt. Everest.

Remember last week’s delightful video of the woman unboxing her Chewbacca mask? Such enthusiasm! We’d never seen a happier Chewbacca. Well, after the video became the most watched Facebook live video ever, with over 141 million views, Star Wars enthusiast Candace Payne was personally invited to spend a day at Facebook HQ with a surprise friend. Imagine the delight when she realized she’d be spending the day riding bikes and palling around with Chewbacca in real life! When asked for comment, Chewbacca responded with a resounding, “Brrwhhhaargh” Oh Chewbacca, you articulate Wookie you, you know just wait to say in situations like this.