Hillary Clinton, Marina Joyce, Snooki And More In The Weekly Spread!

It’s been a “ceiling shattering” week for Hillary Clinton and the ladies of the Democratic party. As the leading lady, Hillz is officially the first US female to ever win a major party’s nomination for Prez and this week she accepted the Democratic Party’s bid. How you like Dem pantsuits?  Sen. Elizabeth Warren ripped Trump a new one (as always) and current FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, brought down the house (and internet) with her powerful speech. (You might want to take notes Melania, just not word-for-word).The internet was pretty much ready to vote for MOBAMA right then and there. And even her hubby, Mr. Prez was one of the first to endorse her and show his love. Speaking of endorsements, the Bern officially became a “former ex-rival” and said #ImWithHer by nominating Clinton to be the first female President of the United States.

Keeping with the theme of girl power, other speakers at the convention included lots of female celebrities, including this hilarious parody by Elizabeth Banks. In a powerful moment, the Mothers of the Movement, as in the mothers of the African American children who have been killed by law enforcement or gun violence, that inspired the #BlackLivesMatter movement, took the stage and made a case for Clinton.

Naturally, Donald couldn’t let Hilary and the Dems take his spotlight and have all the fun. He invited Russian hackers to his “let’s find Hillary’s missing emails” party. But there’s already been a DNC hack. That party is being hosted by the FBI and the DNC chair declined to attend. So Hillary supporters said, “we take your Russian shindig and raise you an acapella “Fight Song” in support of Hillz.


90’s kids are mourning the loss of a well-known face Jamaican accent and television sensation. Youree Dell Harris aka Miss Cleo, a self-proclaimed psychic who was famous for her pay-per-call TV commercials in the late 1990s, died of cancer. We will miss her advice and of course her accent saying: “Call me now!” But don’t stay sad for too long 90’s kids, Lisa Frank is coming out with a clothing line.


Can you hear me now? YAHOO! Verizon bought the core business of Yahoo (yes it still exists) for $4.8 billion...in cash. Yahoo gets to keep its 35.5 percent stake in Yahoo Japan and its 15 percent interest in Alibaba. CEO, Marissa Mayer also gets to stay...for now. This isn’t the first acquisition for Verizon. They purchased AOL last year for 4.4 billion.


Was the rapper name “Young Mommy” already taken?


The fandom of Marina Rose Joyce, a 19-year-old fashion and beauty YouTube star with over 800,000 subscribers, showed their concern for her wellbeing by getting the hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce to trend worldwide. Fans feared that she was dealing with health issues, an abusive relationship, or both, after noticing bruises on her arms, a shotgun in the background of one of her videos, and a major shift in her energy. Joyce tweeted that she is fine and hosted a YouTube livestream. Fans have yet to be convinced.