How Agencies Are Using SocialToaster To Offer Fan Advocacy Solutions

One of the first questions we’re asked by agencies when it comes to considering fan advocacy solutions for their clients is “Why?”  And while, in our humble opinion, the benefits of offering a fan advocacy option with SocialToaster are numerous, most agencies use SocialToaster for two main reasons.

1. Add a new client offering to your menu. Like we mentioned before, fan advocacy is where it’s at when it comes to spreading a brand’s word like wildfire. It’s the solution your clients are looking for—even if they don’t know it yet—and it’s the solution that will set you apart from other agencies that are not yet on board the fan advocacy train.

Your clients are already working with the best to up their social strategy and you’re working hard to deliver next-level content. SocialToaster is the perfect compliment to all of this hard work; our platform works hand in hand with an existing strategy to amplify their message and reach the masses. When you offer SocialToaster, your clients will benefit from increased organic reach, increased sales, heightened brand awareness, more interaction with fans, and the list goes on.

2. Increase your own revenue. When you add SocialToaster to your list of offerings, not only does this help your clients increase their social reach, it gives you a new revenue stream. SocialToaster can be utilized as a regular offering by your agency (recommended) or as a one-time solution for a specific client, you’ll be pulling in more money and feeling the love from happy clients.

The SocialToaster platform can also be easily branded to meet agency and client needs, or SocialToaster and our in-house experts can partner directly with agencies and clients to create custom campaigns.

So now that we’ve convinced you that is something you need to be offering, here are some of the things agencies are doing with SocialToaster.

White Labeling
We get it–agencies don’t always want their clients to know they’re using another company’s product. That’s why we’re totally cool with agencies white labeling our platform to suit their needs.

Leveraging SocialToaster’s Expertise
SocialToaster is the premier (hey, if you've got it, flaunt it) fan advocacy solution for agencies and their clients. As such, we’re filled to the brim with fan advocacy and engagement experts and when we partner with agencies, they get access to these experts who are there to help develop the best solutions for clients.

Combining SocialToaster With Their Own Fan Advocacy Strategies
Not all agencies want (or need) the full support of the SocialToaster team. Instead, they can utilize SocialToaster as their fan advocacy platform and have their own team dedicated to developing fan advocacy strategies for their clients.

Creating Their Own SocialToaster Programs
Along with getting our leading fan engagement platform, white labeled and ready for their clients to use, agencies also get their own program that can be used to recruit agency Superfans. With our easy sharing process, Superfans can share blog posts, case studies and other relevant industry information with the click of a button. This can help grow agency business, bring on new accounts, and build awareness. It can also be used internally to encourage employee advocacy and to determine which team members are providing the best experience.

Like we said, the benefits of using SocialToaster are numerous. When you add SocialToaster capabilities to your offering menu, your agency will benefit from differentiation in the space, as well as having access to SocialToaster’s continued thought-leadership reputation, increased revenue with the addition of a cutting edge service offering, and support for all digital marketing campaigns for the client.

So whether you’re looking to support existing campaigns, entice potential clients that are looking for something new and different, or recruit you own fan advocates, SocialToaster is here to help you do that. Interested in finding out more? Give our team of Superfan experts a call at 855.62.TOAST!