Instagram’s Freak Outs, Nyquist’s Victory, Facebook’s Latest Scandal and More In The Weekly Spread!

Top story this week, the internet has a collective freakout when Instagram changed its logo and layout without telling anyone. The stealth update was rolled out earlier this weekend with overwhelmingly harsh reviews. Said one Twitter user “The new Instagram logo looks like a rejected starburst flavor.” No one should be surprised by this negative cry from the masses, after all every single time Facebook makes even the slightest update to it’s logo/design the world ends for two weeks, then everyone quickly forgets and moves on with their lives.

Speaking of Facebook, the social media giant is under some heat this week after it was revealed that the topics chosen in the “Trending News” section of the site are chosen by actual people AND NOT algorithms. In short, people are choosing what goes into the trending news section and they are choosing to largely ignore politically conservative stories. Although we have to ask, if you’re getting most of you’re relying solely on Facebook for your news, you may want to broaden your horizons just a wee bit.

Thank the Gods, Snapchat’s most recent update now allows for one-handed zooming! No longer are you required to use both hands to zoom, a process that required you to hit the capture button with one hand while you pinch your screen with the other. Now a simple swipe up from the capture button is all that is needed to zoom in on the subject of your choice. We’ll refrain from asking what you’re now free hand will be doing during your snap.

The Kentucky Derby took over the airwaves and social media feeds this past Saturday with odds-favorite Nyquist taking home the roses. While TV ratings for the event were down compared to last year, social media engagement and views rose. This in part helped by this year’s use of Periscope and Facebook Live (technologies that weren’t available for American Pharoah’s run last year) and in slight part to Johnny Weir’s Twitter-interactive brooch.  You can check out all of the social media happening’s by viewing the Derby’s Social Wall.  For all of those who bet on Nyquist, congratulations, for those that chose other horses, feel free to join this writer in a week’s worth of ramen noodle meals.

Since Star Trek Next Generation first introduced us to the Holodeck, people have clamoured for hologram devices of their own. The wait could be finally over. This week the HoloFlex was introduced to the masses. This revolution phone uses a flexible screen to project images into the third dimension. The phone is still in prototype form, so we’re a couple months away at least from living our Minority Report lives.

Pizza went full meta this week as New York pizza provoyeur Vinnie’s brought to fruition the pizza-within-a-pizza-box pizza. Literally, the pizza is a circular pizza that sits within an inside-out,  box-shaped pizza. You can eat all of it. This 0-waste pizza is brought to you by the same creative gents that introduced to the pizza covered with mini pizzas, the rainbow pizza (introduced to celebrate the passing of gay marriage) and the purple-hued, Purple Rain pizza.

Lastly, cat’s may be the unofficial internet mascot, but their history of entertainment stretches back far further. Flashback to the middle-ages where the tiny Belgium town of Ypres introduced the first official “Cat Hurling” day. Seen as a progressive solution to the problem of too many cats (brought about by too many rats) townsfolk gathered to the tallest point in the city to hurl feral cats to the streets on a day dubbed “Cat Wednesday”. Maybe Garfield should have picked a different day to hate. Sure this isn’t the most humane way of dealing with population control, but you have to understand these are the same times that brought us Witch Trials, Spanish Inquisition, the Bubonic Plague and beer (C’mon, it can’t ALL be bad!). Thankfully, the live cats were replaced by toys and cat effigies long ago, but the party atmosphere stays strong! The event now happens every three years, with the next event slated for May 13,2018.  Start packing your bags now, just remember to leave Mittens at home.