Instagram Stories, Opening Ceremonies, Open Letters And More In The Weekly Spread!

Are you ready for Rio?! Let the games begin! The biggest Summer sporting event in the world begins with the 2016 Opening Ceremony tonight, which by the way isn’t a live event. Keep an eye out for U.S. swimmer and Baltimore’s golden boy, Michael Phelps, who will be carrying the American flag at the opening ceremonies. We know Rio has had its fair share of trouble in preparing for the Game, and scientists are still saying “don’t put your head under water,” but this is the first time that the Games have been hosted by a South American country! *takes out and bathes in hand sanitizer.* On a positive note, there’s even a Refugee Olympic Team, a group of 10 athletes from war-torn countries, which is a first for the Olympics.


“Snapchat deserves all the credit.” - Kevin Systrom, Instagram CEO, said during the launch of the new Instagram Stories. Insta-stories are literally just like Snapchats’ stories. Instagram says this feature is the “solution” to “overposting.” [Insert Kermit the frog sipping tea meme]


Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling confirmed what every Potterhead feared to me true. “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” will be the end of the Harry Potter saga. *Sobs uncontrollably like when Dobby died* When Rowling was asked if the script-turned-book would be the start of a new HP series, she replied, “Harry is done now.” We’ll just be over here waiting for our Hogwarts acceptance letter...


#FriendshipGoals: Biden + Obama = BF4L


Think about all the difficult things that moms have to do and put up with. Well there’s an App for that! EmojiMom is the newest addition to the App Store and through its emojis, it showcases “all things pregnancy-and-new-motherhood-related.” Because who doesn’t want nipple cream and breastfeeding emojis?!


“Ours is a sacrifice you will never know. Ours is a sacrifice we would never want you to know.” In an open letter released by VoteVets, almost a dozen Gold Star families who lost relatives in the Iraq War are demanding an apology from Donald Trump. Khizr Khan, who lost his son in the war, criticized Trump at the DNC. So naturally, Trump took to Twitter to respond, calling out Khan’s wife silence the night at the DNC and further stating that he is a victim had been “viciously attacked” by Khan, a man who does not know him.


Apples to Apples. Apple released their inclusion and diversity report, which stated that its female and minority employees now earn the same amount as their white, male counterparts. Apple said, “If a gap exists, we’ll address it.” How progressive!