International Women’s Day, Facebook Emojis, Sideburns and More In The Weekly Spread!

The new Facebook reaction emojis are finally a reality. Say goodbye to simpler times of “liking” your friend’s status about how their dog just learned to roll over, now you must decide whether you love it, or are appalled, or if honestly it just makes you mad. You’re also no longer afforded the same luxury of liking something ironically and having it remain ambiguous. Personally, we think variety is great, but these options are a little bit stressful. The opportunity to accidentally “love” your crush’s new profile picture and appear overly and embarrassingly enthusiastic is all too real.

With all the messiness and animosity of the presidential campaign, it certainly is refreshing to see some friendly banter between our current president and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. (Who, by the way, if you weren’t already smitten with, is pictured here cuddling with some baby pandas). They’re even in on an inside joke about American citizens fleeing to Canada when election time rolls around. They made sure to be pragmatic and maintain that this applies for every election cycle, although we can say that Google searches for “how to move to Canada” were at an all time high after Donald Trump won primaries in seven states on Super Tuesday. We’re sure that’s just coincidental...

Kim Kardashian has nearly broken the internet once more, this time with a naked selfie on Twitter. This mirror pic, captioned “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL” was retweeted 15,000 in just two hours after it was shared and subsequently sparked many a debate about the appropriateness of the picture on a public media platform. From a disproving Bette Midler to a disagreement between Pink and Amber Rose, Kim has certainly got people talking about her again. On top of this, it appears that Kanye has not been paying attention to his wife’s wardrobe or he might not have publicly condemned the fashion choice of suit jackets on women.

In television news, the trailer for Game of Thrones Season Six is out and there’s plenty to talk about. We don’t want to spoil anything, but looks like there are a few returning characters and abundant misfortune to be had in this world of fantasy. On the other hand, we are seeing some uncanny parallels to reality in the recently released fourth season of House of Cards (spoiler alert!). Well, art imitates life, right? Finally, here is how some fans are coping with the tragedy of the Downton Abbey series coming to a close: tweeting alternate endings, of course!

Devoted tennis fans were shocked to hear that star Maria Sharapova had failed her most recent drug test. Before we jump to conclusions though, her announcement made it clear that the reason for the failed test was due to her testing positive for a substance called meldonium, a drug designed for fighting heart disease that Sharapova had been taking for the past ten years. Because the drug can also be used to increase endurance, it was recently added to the list of banned substances. She is not the first athlete to have tested positive for the drug, but the extent of the penalties that she will face has not yet been finalized. Advantage Sharapova.

Were you in the UK recently and wonder what the deal is with what seems to be a flash trend in oversized sideburns? Well, wonder no more. The “Sides of March” campaign (after the day of poor Julius Caesar's assassination) is intended to raise awareness about suicide and promote suicide prevention. More than that, the organizers of the campaign are calling on men to grow out those sideburns and raise enough money to fund a helpline and suicide prevention campaigns. Now if only we can find a charity that wants to raise awareness of the Fu Man Chu, #bringbackthechu!

Lastly, this past Tuesday was International Woman’s Day (Hooray Woman’s)!  In this spirit, we at SocialToaster want to thank all of the amazing women that have chosen to be a part of the SocialToaster team! Each of you are brilliant, talented and an honor to work alongside.