La Croix Boi, Covfefe & Donuts, and Faceless Fish, All This & More in the Weekly Spread!

Happy National Doughnut Day! Time to hurry over to your nearest Dunkin’ or Krispy Kreme donut shop and get in touch with your inner Homer Simpson with FREE donuts! MMMMM...DONUTS… Established in 1938, this time honored holiday was originally to celebrate the women who served food to soldiers during World War I. Keeping that in mind, we can now all celebrate by indulging in some fried, doughy, and delicious treats.

La Croix has it’s very own theme song - and it’s about time! This trendy seltzer has been on the rise for a while now, and with so many loyal La Croix Bois, it’s only fitting that they have a bumpin tune to enjoy such a smooth and delicious beverage to. Complete with weird autotune, bubbles, men bathing in seltzer, Big Dipper’s ‘La Croix Boi’ is the masterpiece we were all waiting for.

Just in time for the 2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee, Google has released a list of the most misspelled words in the country, by state. Based on frequent “how to spell ____” searches, they’ve compiled and categorized this list based on how many letters were misspelled in each word. While we can’t blame people for having difficulty with words like ‘sauerkraut’, ‘pneumonia’ and ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’, surprisingly, Google was scared by the number of people in Louisiana and Georgia who had to look up how to spell ‘nanny’ and ‘gray’ and by the number of Wisconsin citizens who weren’t sure how to spell the name of their own state.

On Thursday, President Trump announced his plans to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate accord. Trump has laid out his plan for withdrawal, joining only two other countries that choose not to participate in the global effort to combat climate change. Arguing that the current agreement is “not fair” to the U.S., Trump has said that he is open to negotiating a reformed or entirely different agreement, but that as for now the U.S. will immediately “cease all implementation of the nonbinding Paris accord”.

Meanwhile, on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, the arctic stronghold of all of Earth’s seeds was nearly flooded as the permafrost continues to melt at an alarming rate. The Global Seed Vault, buried deep within an arctic mountain, was designed as a failsafe to ensure a backup for humanity’s food supply in case of global disaster. While no seeds have yet been lost, this permafrost flood has raised the stakes for protecting the vault in years to come.

Get ready for the world’s largest airplane! The Stratolaunch, a project from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, was designed to release satellite rockets into space. With 385 foot wingspan, and a total of 6 engines and 28 wheels, the aircraft can carry a payload of up to 500,000 pounds. Now you know where to fly next time you’ve got an extra heavy carry-on.

And in the latest newfangled transportation inventions from Elon Musk, the Boring Company has just released renderings of shuttles for their underground tunnel system. Although the initiative is far from being fully realized, still needing to dig down past the SpaceX boundaries in Hawthorne, CA, the designs are ongoing and it looks like nothing can stop Elon Musk from dreaming.

While we’ve grown accustomed to the late night tweets of our President Donald Trump, one recent tweet has left many of us a bit more confused than usual. Just after midnight on Wednesday, Trump tweeted “Despite the negative press covfefe”. Covfefe? Immediately the internet went wild trying to decipher this new and unknown word. Was it a secret code? Another accidental made up word? Or just a typo? He didn’t delete the tweet right away, and even after deleting, Trump posted a joking follow-up tweet - “Who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe?” Many had already jumped on board with conspiracy theories or made the more rational observation that he was likely trying to spell “coverage”; regardless, the memes will live forever.

And now, for your daily dose of horror from the deep unknown: the faceless fish. A creature from the blue abyss of the Pacific, this poor faceless swimmer was noticed recently by researchers and was instantly nicknamed and feared by the general public. While “faceless fish” is indeed an apt description of the slimy and mysterious creature, it does indeed have a bit of a face and a proper name. It turns out to be a rare cusk eel by the name of Typhlonus nasus that apparently has a face buried somewhere under its skin, but still no eyes to be seen.


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