Lady Liberty Goes Dark, Oprah for President, and Desperately Seeking Richard, All This & More In The Weekly Spread!

This past Wednesday, people around the globe celebrated International Women’s Day. The day was filled with everything from celebrations of gender equality victories to demonstrations reminding us that there is still work to be done.

 Women and supporters from all over came out to voice their concerns and show their solidarity. Many observed Wednesday as a ‘Day Without Women,’ striking from their jobs for the day, to show the importance and strength of women in the workplace and beyond.

In the US, the day was marked by the appearance of a new statue placed right in front of the famous Wall Street “Charging Bull.” Barely more than four feet tall, a bronze statue of a girl staring down the bull, hands on her hips, was installed on the street corner. This “Fearless Girl” was the brainchild of the State Street Global Advisors investment firm who placed the statue to shine awareness on the lack of women in Wall Street firms' upper management. The statue launched countless stories and photos throughout the internet on Wednesday. Though the statue is only to remain there for a week, the symbol will have a lasting impact for many.

And speaking of statues, good old Lady Liberty went dark on Tuesday night. Considering the timing, some are saying there’s a certain symbolism to this action. After the lights came back on, officials explained that the outage was due to “faulty lighting equipment”. Sure *wink*, that’s exactly what it is. *wink* *wink*

Despite the rumors flying around last week, it may not yet be time to start planning for Oprah’s presidential campaign. The TV personality and philanthropist seems to have been dropping hints at a run for president sometime in the near future, including some veiled comments in a recent interview about rethinking the issue of not being ‘qualified’ enough to run for office. In looking a little further into this, it seems that Trump had actually mentioned having Oprah Winfrey as a running mate while he was thinking of his presidential options back in 1999. Hmm. Can we all take a moment to imagine President Oprah?

You get a tax break! You get a tax break! Everybody gets a tax break!

One would think that after last week’s Oscar debacle, everyone would be a bit more careful  with awards’ envelopes. Yet, at this week’s iHeartRadio Awards, someone “pulled an Oscars” and gave Zayn Malik the award for Best Music Video before checking the fan votes and realizing that Fifth Harmony was the actual winner. Oops.


Zayn had already given an acceptance speech (sound familiar?) for the award. However, unlike the Oscars, iHeartRadio had the luxury to simply make up a new category for Zayn (Best Solo Breakout) to cover up the mishap. Pretty sneaky iHeartRadio.  

In even Zayn-ier (get it!?) awards news, a Ryan Gosling impersonator in Germany fooled enough people to make it all the way to the podium and accept an award for La La Land. The award was handed out during the Goldene Kamera awards show. The audience of international A-listers was stunned as the Munich chef, Ludwig Lehner, accepted the award. Now if you excuse us, we’re going to do a quick check to see what celebrity dopplegangers may reside within SocialToaster’s hallowed halls.

Jordan Peele’s new horror movie masterpiece "Get Out" is being hailed as a poignant look at modern day racism in America. The film has even inspired the #getoutchallenge (functioning as other such challenges like the #mannequinchallenge or #runningmanchallenge). The challenge, taken from a scene from the movie, involves running towards a camera at break-neck speed  before taking a sudden and swift turn to the left. The challenge videos have resulted in some hilarious moments, and a couple potential injuries. But hey, small price to pay for your 10 secs of fame!

All of us “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” fans can take a breath. LAPD visited the home of Richard Simmons this week to ensure the fitness legend is still in good health. Claims that Simmons’ housekeeper, Teresa Reveles, was holding Richard hostage made their way through the rumor mill prompting the visit by the LAPD. These claims have been officially denied by a representative of Richard Simmons. The representative then went on to say that Simmons has actively chosen to live a more solitary lifestyle. Richard, if you’re reading this, please know that everyone at SocialToaster wishes you the best! You’re a true gift.  

Fashion giant Yves Saint Laurent came under fire this week for violating French advertising regulations. The sexually-charged ads (one of a woman with legs splayed, the other of a woman bent over a stool, both in high-heeled roller skates… cuz fashion) were deemed by officials of the Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité to be degrading towards women and thus a violation of advertising regulations in France that state advertisements should maintain "dignity and respect in representation of the person." YSL is meeting with the ARPP today to discuss a withdrawal of the ads.  

In closing, anyone of us who’s had a bit of a rough week can relate to this poor sheep who has somehow got his head stuck in a big old bale of hay. We feel you sheep. Mondays, am I right?