Matthew Sweeps The Coast, Twitter Goes For Sale, Hero Pug & More In The Weekly Spread!

This past week, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana and Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia sat down for their first and only Vice Presidential debate. Challenges were shot back and forth, defenses of the respective presidential candidates were demanded and subsequently attempted, and hashtags were inspired. In perhaps one of the most memorable lines of the evening, Gov. Pence gracefully responded to Senator Kaine’s attacks on some of Donald Trump’s contentious comments about immigration by saying that his opponent had “whipped out that Mexican thing again.” But, lest we jump to conclusions of prejudice, let us remember that Donald Trump did eat a taco bowl this past Cinco de Mayo.

Toronto police officials have released the somewhat menacing image of the Blue Jays fan who threw a beer can at an Orioles player during a game this past week. Some have commented with concerns of the accusation and image being accurate, others retort by saying that it must be, as everything is on video nowadays. Now for the real question, what type of beer was it!? SocialToaster’s Beer Forensics Department (AKA the STBFD - otherwise known as the editor of this piece) scrutinized video of the party foul. After a frame-by-frame analysis we are quite confident that the thrown beer is of New Belgium origin. Most probably a Fat Tire. There, now we can all finally sleep at night.    

As the already devastating Hurricane Matthew makes its way towards Florida, more than a million people are being urged to evacuate their homes and the President has declared a state of emergency. After causing nearly 100 deaths in Haiti, Hurricane Matthew has intensified into a Category 4 storm and is gaining momentum as it moves north. What’s more, and what’s painfully ironic, is which the U.S.’ multi-billion dollar next-gen weather satellite lies directly in the projected path of this storm that could be the biggest to strike the area since 2015. No word yet when Hurricane Matthew will devolve into a less threatening Tropical Storm Mattie.   

Did you miss the Streamy Awards? Did you even know what they were? Well, here’s the inside scoop if either of those questions apply to you. The 6th annual Streamy Awards, an award ceremony hosted in Los Angeles to honor excellence in online video, took place this past Tuesday. Apparently it was very emotional backstage as Youtube, Vine, Instagram and Snapchat stars galore gathered on this day to celebrate and vie for the coveted Streamy Award Trophy (tips here on how one is supposed to hold said trophy). The highlight of the night, Biz “You Got What I Need” Markie closing out the festivities. Because what better way to recognize today’s talented YouTubers by reminding them what a one-hit wonder looks like.  

This week, Netflix stealth launched one of the most caffeinated guerilla marketing campaigns of the year! To help build anticipation (as if any more was needed!) of the upcoming final season of the Gilmore Girls, Netflix worked with local coffee shops around the US transforming them into the show’s iconic Luke’s Diner.  While photos from the events look like a blast, you have to wonder if Luke would approve of so many people on their cellphones in his diner!

If you were 90 years old and were suddenly diagnosed with cancer, how would you choose to live your last days? Norma Jean Bauerschmidt of Michigan chose treatment - but a different kind of treatment. She chose to hit the open road in an RV with her poodle Ringo (and son and daughter-in-law) by her side and spend her remaining time doing all of the things she’d always wanted to do: hot air balloon rides, whale watching, viewing the Grand Canyon and more. The wonderful “Miss Norma” passed September 30 at the age of 91, but not before inspiring thousands of strangers with her determination and incessant adventurous spirit: almost a half million people have followed her travels through her Facebook page, “Driving Miss Norma”. Rest well Miss Norma and thanks for the smiles along the way.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Creepy Clown Epidemic of 2016? We’re here to tell you that it is indeed terrifying. The world has been besieged by a series of evil clown sightings, primarily in the U.S. but also affecting Canada, the U.K, and a few other countries. Incidents have ranged from what seem like clown-themed robbery and heist to unexplainable clown phenomena. Is this some kind of sick long-winded Halloween prank, or is the clown apocalypse drawing nigh? We’re not sure, but officials are saying that the matter must be taken seriously. Be careful out there, avoid known clown hangouts (Looking at you, balloon store!) and think carefully about the entertainment you choose for your kid’s next birthday party.

Rumblings from the Twitter-verse as one the Founding Fathers of Social Media seeks to be acquired as quickly as possible. Twitter hopes to conclude the sale by EOM (October) before their 3rd quarter earnings reports are made public - which is not a great sign. Could this be the end of Twitter? Is it time to call in Justin Timberlake? Will Twitter be bought with gold, you know 144 CARAT-tures?

An 11-year-old pug named Jaxson is being honored this week with one of Meridian, Idaho’s most prestigious awards, the “Hometown Hero” award. Jaxson is the first pet in Meridian’s history to receive this annual award after his non-stop barking alerted his family to an electrical fire ravaging their home.  While fans of the heroic canine have showered Jaxson with praise and “Good boy!"'s Jaxson remains humble, barking a simple, “Pug-get about it!”

In closing, here is an international commercial starring Pierce Brosnan… and ninjas… and Masala. Enjoy!