Mr. Trash Wheel, Unicorn Frapps, and Men In Heels, All This & More In The Weekly Spread!

With Earth Day coming up this weekend (April 22nd yo!), there are plenty of ways to celebrate and advocate for our planet. A March for Science is happening in Washington, DC on Saturday, with scientists and activists and coming together to rally for environmental causes. Local marches are also planned in major cities across the globe. Among the speakers at the DC event is our favorite celeb scientist, Bill Nye the Science Guy!

In the spirit of conservation, NASA is affording you the opportunity to ‘adopt’ a piece of the planet. Through a campaign that has already hit the ground running, the space agency is allowing anyone to virtually adopt a little slice of the Earth and learn more about it every day!

Just in time for Earth Day, a little hero from our hometown of Baltimore has hit the presses with a pretty big splash. Mr. Trash Wheel is a solar-powered, googly-eyed water wheel that currently lives in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, toiling away collecting trash. Since 2014, Mr. Trash Wheel has been fighting the good fight against litter and pollution in our water and recently, he’s reached one million pounds of collected garbage. Way to go, Mr. Trash Wheel!

And speaking of planet earth, if all else fails (although we’d prefer it not too), scientists are continuing to discover more about potential life on other planets, and other potentially livable planets. Scientists from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft have recently discovered that one of Saturn’s moons looks as though it has just enough liquid water and chemical energy to support life! Though it is an icy moon, so maybe not human life. If that’s not enough to wet your space whistle, there’s also a “super earth” orbiting around a small star not far from the sun that’s currently being studied for signs of supporting life as well.

Has Starbucks gone too far this time? After deciding it was time to get in on the “Unicorn Food” trend, Starbuck’s  ‘Unicorn Frappuccino” has been getting mixed reviews. At first glance, this sparkly and colorful beverage appears like something a Broney would order at happy hour. What more could you ask for than a blended drink that changes both color and flavor as you drink it! Though not everyone is sitting pretty on their rainbow sugar rush, for one Starbucks barista in Colorado, it was all just a little too much to handle. Poor Braden Burson took to Twitter, imploring customers not to order the drink and saying that he’s “never been so stressed out in his life”. Apparently, the sugary drink is as difficult to make as it is for your stomach to process.

Speaking of new trends, are Kanye West, Harry Styles, and Justin Bieber on the new cusp of style with their high-heeled shoes? Recent photos of each of these celebs show them rocking a classy heeled boot. While this doesn’t seem that out of the ordinary as boots and footwear go, is it just the beginning of a growing trend? Historically, men in heels have been a mark of fashion forwardness (think Louis XIV). Though, we’re still waiting for this men in tights thing to take off.

If that wasn’t enough of a fashion fix for you, Balenciaga has just dropped a new $2,145 bag that looks like a carbon-copy of everyone’s favorite $.99 Ikea tote - the Frakta. No word yet on if the Balenciaga bag also comes with an hex wrench and a suspicious amount of extra parts.

It’s official: we have seen the day of flying cars. Companies AeroMobile and Lilium Aviation have just come out with their grand steps towards avoiding all that traffic on the roads. For AeroMobile, there is still some time before the engines are sky worthy. But Lilium Aviation just released a video of their first successful test flight of an all-electric car. With 36 electric jets strapped to the wings, the car gets enough force for take-off. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, here we come!

This past Thursday was 4/20 and if you don’t know the cultural significance of this date please don’t ask your Nana.  From Cops in Iowa setting “weed traps,” to celebrities dropping weed tweets, social media was covered in green. Though, for the last time, there is no such thing as a “green moon.”   

If you didn’t already think that naked mole rats were totally bizarre, scientists have just made another discovery about Kim Possible’s spunky sidekicks. Apparently, these cold-blooded, hairless, ground-dwelling creatures can hold their breath for up to 18 whole minutes! Talk about adapting to one’s environment.

In closing a RomCom trailer of Silence of the Lambs now exists. Because Internet.