Mud Jeans, Saturn Rings, and Alien Hoaxes, All This & More In The Weekly Spread!

If you thought the ‘plastic knee-window jeans’ were bad, or the crop tops so cropped they’re not even cropped - get a load of the latest pricey trend to take over the shelves at Nordstrom. Movin’ on from the ‘distressed jean’ look, the department store is now selling “fake mud jeans”. Denim pants that are literally designed to look like you took a nasty tumble in the mud (or that you really love gardening). But rather than saying these pant are one way to make it look like you’ve had an accident, Nordstrom is advertising them as “rugged Americana workwear” for the guy who’s not afraid to get down and dirty. Right….

If the fake mud jeans aren’t your thing though, don’t worry, we’ve got another new trend that’s just as grungy. Meet “barbed wire eyebrows”, the styling technique in which you comb your eyebrow hair in sections going in different directions. This is making “feather brows” look like an amatear beauty trend. Remember to give your thanks to Instagram for helping these trends spread like wildfire. We’re looking at you “Lip Challenge.”

The Cassini spacecraft just sent back some stellar pictures from the first expedition into the space between the rings of Saturn. The first of 22 planned dives through the rings of the planet, it was a record-breaking expedition, with no man-made object ever even venturing near the area. And lucky for us, NASA is posting the raw images of swirling space dust on their website as they receive them from the spacecraft. From their Twitter post, it seems like the Cassini team is pretty excited too.  Go space go!

Elsewhere in the vast unknown, scientists have discovered a strange new phenomenon in the sky, and named it Steve. Verified by the European Space Agency, Steve is a new aurora feature whose lights form an unusual purplish or green vertical streak, as opposed to the more familiar horizontal ripple of aurora light. I guess we finally ran out of Latin words.

ICE’s new “illegal alien immigration” hotline has the phones ringing with reports of illegal aliens… of the galactic kind. Reports are flooding in of UFO sightings, abductions, and spoken word reenactments of X Files plots. The volume of calls has put the average wait time to 20 minutes. It also crashed the phone lines on Thursday morning. The resistance will not be televised, but it will be downright hilarious in its execution.

It looks like Samsung is having a hard time letting go. Of the doomed and exploding Galaxy Note 7, that is. The company has released the Galaxy S8 and S8+, which both seem to have non-explosive batteries so far, but they’re still holding onto hope for the newly redesigned, refurbished, recycled, reformed, reimagined Galaxy Note 7 R. Does overshadowing the great sales of your new phone with the release of one with a history of exploding seem like a good idea? You know what they say, Samsung, if you really love something, let it go.

With his first public appearance since leaving office, Obama started off by jokingly asking something along the lines of “So...what did I miss?” Since the Trump Administration has taken office, former President Obama has been keeping a low profile. But as President Trump nears his 100th day in office, Obama came out to his native Chicago to speak with youth leaders about civic mindfulness and how to support their local community.

What’s cooler than Unicorns? Well, besides everything? That’s right Dragons! On a scale of 1 - 10, Dragons are the Spinal Tap 11 on the mythical monster scale. Some creative folks at Starbucks have taken it upon themselves to improve the short-lived Unicorn Frappuccino and created the new Dragon Frappucino. One part green tea powder, one part vanilla bean, all parts awesome. Hurry though, like its mythical namesake, they won’t be around long. Thanks a lot St. George.    

Looks like everyone’s really getting into the spirit of springtime. For the kangaroos in Melbourne, Australia, that means mating season. To the inconvenience and horror of early morning commuters, the kangaroos don’t practice much discretion with where they decide to get it on and could care less that they are blocking traffic.