Nellys Tax Bill, Tim Gunns Sass and TOASTEROID, All This and More In The Weekly Spread!

You can hear him now - in Sprint commercials! Sprint Wireless recently rolled out a new ad campaign featuring the “Can you hear me now?” guy from Verizon’s 2002-2011 ad campaigns.

The CYHMN guy (known to his family as Paul Marcarelli) is now touting Sprint as the “50% cheaper than Verizon and almost as good” wireless provider. With a pitch like that, you can be assured that Sprint’s ad dollars are being well spent.

Because Selfie Toast is so last year, meet the Toasteroid! With 3 days left to go in their kickstarter, the Toasteroid has already raised over $180k from 1,888 backers. This magical machine uses toasts as a canvas to create  a variety of images including: custom doodles, notes and even the days weather. Most of the less expensive toasters have already sold out, however there’s still a couple $65 and $85 toasters there for the taking! Because, as the Kickstarter page says, “Why Not.” Honestly, Toasteroid, you have us, why not indeed!

If the Toasteroid wasn’t enough Kickstarter news for you, we draw your attention across the pond to Merry Ol’ England where an organization calling themselves The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (CATS - Get it!?) have replaced all of the advertisements in a Tube Station with pictures of… wait for it… CATS! 68 images to be exact. The idea was funded by a Kickstarter program that raised $21k earlier this year. Say the women and men of CATS, “We want to inspire people to think differently about the world and realise they have the power to change it.” That’s all well and good, but let’s not lose site of the big picture - there are 68 pictures of kitty cats on the walls of the London Underground! KITTIES!

Bad news for Air Force One and Band-aid rep, Nelly. The Country Grammar star has been hit with a federal tax lien of over $2,000,000! In response to this massive tax bill, Nelly fans around the world have started streaming the classic catalog of Nelly anthems to raise money for this Ride Wit Me Legend. A Swedish firm has calculated that that Nelly needs to be streamed around 287,000,000 times in order to pay off this debt.  Do your part and join the Twitter masses!

Just started playing Hot in Herre on Spotify on mute and on repeat #Nelly

— Victor X. (@victorxiexie) September 12, 2016

If Ryan Lochte thought that his incident in Brazil would quietly disappear now that the Olympics were over, he is sadly mistaken. Protesters took to the stage during this week’s live episode of Dancing With The Stars, rushing the gold medal winner and his dancing partner, Cheryl Burke. The men were reportedly shouting, “Lochte Sucks!” over the judges as they forced the show to take a commercial break. Sorry Ryan, maybe conjuring up a story of Brazilian Police corruption wasn’t the smartest decision you’ve made. Just saying...

Here's a thought, if we stop talking about Kanye, will Kanye go away? Guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out the answer as the “artist” made headlines a couple times this week as only Kanye can. After Ye announced that he was giving up his cell phone to “create some creative space,” Twitter and the rest of the world let out a collective, “HA!”  However, this outburst has nothing on the fire laid out by America’s Next Top Model and Silver Fox Tim Gunn who tore into Yizzy’s “fashion” show saying that his clothes were “basically stretch undergarments.”  Ouch, looks like Kanye better - say it with us - make it work!

In closing, this triple domino spiral will be the most satisfying thing you watch all day.