New Social Networks, Oscar Nominations, David Bowie and More in the Weekly Spread!

The new social media app you didn’t even know about might be meeting an untimely end. Peach, a hip new intimate social networking app, launched about a week ago. Despite some novel features like “Magic Words” that can trigger drawing functions to add some doodles to your post, as well as a personal mode of content-sharing, Peach just doesn’t seem to be getting the traction it needs to thrive.

Foursquare, the localized search and discovery social app, announced a change in leadership this past Thursday. Co-founder Dennis Crowley is stepping down from his position of CEO for Jeff Glueck to take his place. This transition aligns itself with the move that the company is making from a more consumer-centered operation to seeking growth potential in partnerships with other companies such as Apple and Twitter.

The Oscar nominations are out and not everyone is impressed. The #OscarsSoWhite hashtag is making a comeback. After so many people were disappointed in last year’s lack of diversity in the nominations, 2016 does not seem to have remedied this discrepancy. Although the argument could be made that the problem stems from a lack of diversity in the industry itself, it still seems a bit suspect that no actors or actresses of color were represented in the nominations for best and/or supporting roles.

We suffered the loss of two beloved celebrities this week. The seemingly immortal icon David Bowie died of liver cancer this past Sunday and left a vast sea of devoted fans utterly bereft. His legacy is sure to carry on, as he will be remembered as an innovative artist and unique personality.

The public received another piece of saddening news with the loss of actor Alan Rickman, known for his portrayal of Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series. Fans and colleagues alike mourn the loss of a talented and charming actor as well as an icon of creative wisdom.  

Although the threat of E. coli, salmonella and norovirus do not seem to be discouraging diehard Chipotle fans, the company plans to take action and address the recent health issues that have left many unfortunate burrito eaters very sick. Chipotle will close its doors nation-wide on February 8, in order to conduct team meeting to discuss food safety and regain the public’s trust in their favorite chain. Great, it’s going to be Chick-fil-A on Sundays all over again.

It seems that Obama will be closing out his presidency with a hopeful and inspiring energy for many. This week’s State of the Union Address saw the president discussing ongoing solutions to some of the issues and obstacles he and the country have faced in his time in office as well as what is still to come in what he calls “an extraordinary time of change” for the country.

It’s time for sitcom and television revivals all around. The internet is abuzz with talk of the imminent Friends cast reunion that NBC will be hosting, but unfortunately we will be without a Chandler Bing as he has prior engagements in London. How rude. On the other hand, agents Mulder and Scully of The X-Files are brought up to speed on what they missed of extraterrestrial activity and government conspiracy during the last 13 years (by Jimmy Kimmel, of course), as well as finally resolving some of that romantic tension that lasted so many seasons. Top this off with the Full House reboot and we have a “Best of the 90’s” happening. What a glorious time to be alive!