Nickelback Gets Bullied, Christmas Tree Wars, and Bath Sorting, All This & More In The Weekly Spread!

With the New Year just around the corner, here are some updates and developments you can expect from your iPhone in 2017. Apple is sure to take note of the iPhone’s 10th birthday in the coming year, so it’s likely you can look forward to some big changes. Among possible developments, many are speculating about what the newest name will be, wireless charging, fancy new colors and plenty of advanced optics and speed. So while there are many possibilities, it looks like we can look forward to the fastest iPhone to date, some new exclusive features of course, and that even with some new color options, it will still come in rose gold.

As you stringing up the tinsel this year, have you ever thought about who decorated the very first Christmas tree? Well, in the cities of Riga and Tallinn (the capitals of Latvia and Estonia), they certainly have - because they both think it was them! The Holidays are no doubt a time for tensions to run a little high and competition to rise, and this particular tug-of-war is over who decorated the very first Christmas tree in the world. Riga claims the first tree in 1510, while Tallinn would outdo that with a first tree date in 1441. While we might think there’s not much at stake here, besides of course some civic and holiday pride, the feud is actually fueled by some underlying economic and political factors that would benefit from a claim to the world’s very first Christmas tree. Of course, we all know who the real hero of the Christmas tree is, looking at you Charlie Brown!

This past week Berlin suffered a tragedy as 12 people were left dead and nearly 60 injured when a truck was driven into a holiday Christmas market. After responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Islamic State, the country and the world have responded to the event as a terrorist act. In more recent developments, officials have apprehended the chief suspect after a search led them to Milan, Italy.

In renewable energy news, you can now drive down of road of solar panels in Normandy, France. Taking the solar paneling to new places, from roof to road, France becomes the first country to pave a street with an energy source. The 0.6 mile road is covered by 2,800 square metres of electricity-generating panels coated with protective resin to help the panels withstand the elements and motorists. The road should provide enough energy to power street lighting for the entire town, and if successful, the idea will be expanded to cover roads in many more areas of the country. Guys, we’re *cough* DRIVING ON SUNSHINE! Get it!

As celebrities share their Christmas celebrations with the public, or aim to take advantage of the holiday spirit on social media, we know that some are not always as successful as others. Tiger Woods was one of the unfortunate ones this year who maybe didn’t get all the proper advice before posting a shirtless “Mac Daddy Santa” selfie on Twitter. One might think that this is not the persona that the golf star would want to support, but the deed has been done and there were plenty of amusing responses to boot. Meanwhile, we’ve got more of your classic celeb holiday photos here: Christina Aguilera dressed up as Cindy Loo Who, Mariah Carey scantily clad in front of a ginormous Christmas tree, Beyoncé with a Lemonade-themed tree, and even a Miley Cyrus selfie wearing a sweater that supports some holiday marijuana consumption.

Canada’s Pop Punk Princess, Avril Lavigne, has a few choice words to say to Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook founder was called out by Avril after making a joke at the expense of Canada’s U2, Nickelback. Saying that the Nickelback jokes have gotten old, Avril piped-up in honor of her ex-husband, Canada’s James Hetfield, Chad Kroeger. No matter which side of this feud you fall on, one thing is for certain, Nickelback jokes never get old!

While some might view a baby as the ultimate Christmas gift, that’s not always the case. In this week’s, “Of course this happened in Florida!” segment, a generous, kind woman has taken it upon herself to graciously sell positive pregnancy tests to women that want to give the gift of a baby, without actually having to get pregnant!  Just picture your lover’s face on Christmas morning as they unwrap this tiny, lying stick of doom/love.  

In other unsettling news, a deep-sea fisherman out of Murmansk, Russia is blowing up Twitter with his photos of the demonic sea creatures he’s hauled up. As Gizmodo put it, ”Hell has opened up and set demons free to roam the land and the seas.”

Want to be sorted into your favorite Harry Potter house, but hate the idea of wearing a communal hat (Do you want lice? Cuz that’s how you get lice!)? Then do we have a deal for you! Craftswoman extraordinaire Rebecca Lynn has created the answer to the prayer we didn’t even know we have: sorting bath bombs! That’s right, whether you dream of being a noble Gryffindor or a slimy Slytherin, you can be sorted by suds into the house you belong. Fingers crossed for Ravenclaw!

In conclusion, as we eagerly await the last moments before vacation begins, and we’re sure many are counting the days until presents and eggnog, here’s a little SNL throwback favorite with one of our favorite seasonal tunes to help get you in the dance-y holiday mood.