Olympics, *NSYNC, #FriendshipGoals And More In The Weekly Spread!

Rio Round Up: Week 1

Closing thoughts:
Can we reposition the television graphics for diving? We’re just sayin’ And in other diving news, pools are not supposed to be green.


Now Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming...

Wait, as if we didn’t talk about overachievers enough already, there’s 12-year-old Jeremy Shuler, who will attend Cornell University this coming fall. He was accepted into the engineering program and if he graduates on time (at the age of 16), he will be the youngest student to graduate from Cornell. Remember when just getting through puberty was hard enough?

It only took one them to turn the big 4-0, for all of the members of *NSYNC to reunite. The boy band got back together to create new music celebrate JC Chasez’s 40th birthday, according to JT’s Instagram. Sadly, the only music that was made was when everyone sang “Happy Birthday” as Chasez blew out his birthday candles. It’s just tearing up our hearts when we’re not with you…

Welcome to D-I-double N-E-R with Martha Stewizzle and Snoop Dizzle! That’s right, Snoop Dogg (er Lion?) and Martha Stewart are collaborating in the kitchen with a new cooking show that will air this fall on VH1 (ready your DVRs). The duo met years ago on The Martha Stewart Show and have “a special bond.” We can’t wait to see what kind of brownies these two make.

Chrissy Teigen was the epitome of #FriendshipGoals to Kim Kardashian
after Kardashian’s beloved Blackberry Bold died. In accordance to classic etiquette protocol, Teigan sent an elaborate floral arrangement to comfort Kardashian during this hard time. Teigen is just the gift to the internet that keeps on giving.