Polar Vortex, Instagram’s Saving Grace, and Kanye 2024, All This & More In The Weekly Spread!

In the wake of this year’s election, the power of internet and technology has certainly been an important and contentious topic. In some recent findings, there seems to be substantial evidence to suggest D.N.C. interference from Russian Cyberpowers. Meanwhile, as the country gears up for 2017 and a Trump administration, top tech leaders from Silicon Valley recently met with Donald Trump in New York after a long election season of largely opposing the Republican candidate. While Trump wants to assure everyone that he’s “here to help tech companies do well.” Silicon Valley still have some concerns, especially as the arms race has started for the war against net neutrality. Hopefully, we can count on Elon Musk to champion the cause as one of Trump’s newly appointed advisors.

Twitter was noticeably absent from the list of invited companies, allegedly due to Jack Dorsey’s killing of Trumps #CrookedHillary campaign. But Trump wouldn’t be that petty? Would he? C’mon!

Speaking of Trump’s most recent and noteworthy meetings, Kanye West paid him a visit this week. After a turbulent month or two himself (rants on stage, tour cancellations, hospitalizations), West has stepped back into the limelight to meet with our President-elect in order to discuss multicultural issues, as he said. As alleged marriage trouble brews between Kanye and Kim (who saw that coming?), it appears Yeezy has a tough road ahead of him if he hopes to take the oval office. Kanye 2024 for the win!

Legendary TV icon, and the quintessential 80’s father figure, Alan Thicke passed away this week at 69. The Canadian star suffered a heart attack during a friendly game of hockey with his 19 yr old son. He passed shortly thereafter. RIP Mr. Thicke, he’s sipping Tim Horton’s coffee while riding moose with the Canadian angels now.  

Apple has officially started shipping their highly-anticipated AirPods. While the jury is still out on whether or not this will be an Apple win or Apple loss, one thing is for certain, these cordless wonders come with a price tag of $159. Individual pods (how are you NOT going to lose these?) are being priced at $69. With prices that high, a little cord untangling now and then suddenly doesn’t seem too bad.

If you’re in the midwest, it’s time to bundle up and hunker down. This polar vortex looks like it’s gonna be a doozy. After what has been a somewhat unseasonably warm winter season so far, Mother Nature is wasting no time in switching gears to sub-zero wind chills. The National Weather Service has issued advisories all the way from North Dakota to Maine. The midwest is no stranger to the cold, but this icy gust is already reaching down to the East Coast. This weekend is just the beginning, it seems, with record low temperatures to revisit later in the week as well. Do you want a frozen New York City? Because this is how you get a frozen New York City!

No longer will you have to deal with screenshotting and re-cropping all those inta pics of your cousin’s adorable puppy or those artfully photographed cinnamon buns from @bonappetit. With Instagram’s new feature, you can just go ahead and save pictures directly to your phone! What a way to celebrate 600M users. #Finally.

If, however, Instagram has been overwhelming recently because of too many cutesy Holiday posts of dogs in sweaters and hot cocoa, this feature may not provide you with any relief and neither will turning to Snapchat. The holiday filters are out and running rampant, so if you aren’t quite ready for all the holiday cheer, you better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout. We’re telling you why.

An early Holiday present for you: highlights of 2016 via Snoop Dog’s social media activity. With all the things that have come to pass this calendar year, we can take some comfort in knowing that we might have a kindred spirit in Snoop Dog. From the election, to Pokemon GO and his thoughts on fellow musician Kanye West’s latest antics. With Snoop giving the high-lights (see what we did there!), you can’t help but think that maybe 2016 wasn’t so bad after all.

On a somber end, #PrayforAleppo. If you want to help, here are 7 different charities assisting Syria in its darkest hour.