#PrayForNice, #PokemonGo, #PrimeDayFail And More In The Weekly Spread!

84 people were killed and dozens more were injured in an attack in Nice, France on Bastille Day, which is basically France’s Fourth of July. A man driving a large truck loaded with weapons and grenades rammed into a crowd of people watching fireworks. The truck was going about 25 mph and the driver was eventually shot by police. No terror group has claimed responsibility but French President Hollande called this “a terrorist act.” The country has extended the state of emergency that was put in place last November after the attacks in Paris.

Our hearts are heavy as we send our thoughts to the victims and their families of this and countless other tragedies we’ve seen this year.


For the second year in a row, e-commerce megahouse Amazon held its warehouse sale Prime Day sale! But Prime members didn’t expect to receive “add to cart fail” messages, frustrating them while they were shopping and at check out. There are so many jokes here that we must refrain ourselves. And of course where there are unhappy customers, there will be a trending hashtag. Insert #PrimeDayFail. Despite the failboats* complaints, Amazon said that within the first eight hours of the sale, U.S. customers had purchased more than 196,000 pairs of shoes and more than 270,000 toys.

*failboat - feyl-boht - Noun - A vessel for transporting failures by water.


This photo is being called one of the most iconic and powerful photos of the Black Lives Matter movement.


By now, you’ve either heard of or have been enthralled by Pokémon Go. Welp. It’s pretty much the hottest and most popular augmented reality game ever and it’s giving your thumbs and legs a workout - players are even risking their lives to “catch ‘em all”!! The game, now boasting a userbase larger than Tinder’s, has exceeded Twitter’s 65 million US users, led to the discovery of a dead body, been used by criminals to lure victims to specific locations to rob them, trolled the Westboro Baptist Church, and much more. This global phenomenon is taking over one Pokéball at a time!


Aliens will crash into Earth via a giant asteroid next week, causing mass chaos and devastation. Just kidding! A new study from Columbia University and the French National Institute found that 70% of Facebook users only read the headline of science stories before commenting and that 59% of links shared on social media have never actually been clicked. This plays a really big role in determining what news gets shared and circulated on social media. Remember boys and girls, read before your reshare!


“For the record, I am not pregnant. What I am is fed up.” Actress Jennifer Aniston penned a powerful open letter to address gossip, something she has never done before. She blasted the media, journalists, and photographers for harassing her and her husband on a daily basis, but she also hammered home the way “celebrity news” body shames, scrutinizes, and objectifies women. She writes that these news outlets have an obsession with physical appearance and marital and maternal status. Just let the woman (and all other women) live!  

This is definitely what we all came for! Calvin Harris just went off...on Twitter...about Taylor Swift. Just to catch everyone up, the two broke up last month and Tay Tay is now dating another Brit, Tom Hiddleston #HiddleSwift. So when Camp Swift confirmed to People Mag on Thursday that she wrote her ex’s current hit song, “This Is What You Came For” under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg, the Internet and Harris lost their minds and filter. Harris went on the best seven-tweet Twitter rant, slamming “her people” for “trying to tear him down.” Harris also took a stand and said he will not be buried like Katy, which pretty much confirms that Taylor’s hit song, “Bad Blood” is about Katy Perry. And this whole swift-uation wouldn’t be complete without a subtweet from the queen of Twitter herself and an Instagram attack via the snake emoji.