The Presidential Debate, NASAs New Sign, Hamdogs, All This and More In The Weekly Spread!

Things are continuing to speed up in this year’s presidential campaign. On Monday, the conversations were kicked up a notch with the first debate of season. Of course, the public debate continues as to who won the actual debate, but shots were certainly fired in both directions (and it may be relevant to note that the fact checker on Hillary Clinton’s website saw a lot of traffic). There were ultimatums on tax return releases, speculations on the D.N.C. hacking, and more: check out some of the most replayed moments here.

In the week that has followed the debate, Trump attempted to save face in light of being attacked for sexist comments made towards former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, Clinton received her latest Republican endorsement from of one of Bernie Sander’s long-time friends, Tony Pomerleau, and Alec Baldwin in slated to play Donald Trump in this season of Saturday Night Live. Fingers crossed for a Jack Donaghy  vs. Donald Trump quip off!

Meanwhile, if politics are stressing you out, or you just need to let off a little steam, or you’re trying to get ready for Halloween, check out this really intense (and honestly, kinda scary) new song from Korn and a member of “American nu metal” band, Slipknot. Que collective squeal of excitement from all the former 90’s goth kids.

Speaking of Halloween, if you were planning on being the most authentic Batman in town this year, you might want to start putting together your costume, because unlucky for you, someone else just bought the Dark Knight batsuit for a mere $250,000. And you thought that $55 inflatable T-rex costume was pricey!

If you’re one to follow astrological charts, you might have heard the recent rumors that NASA has been giving you false information about your star chart and thus you have been woefully studying the wrong horoscopes all your life. Inconceivable! Well, don’t panic too much - it turns out that this confusion resulted in part from a Cosmopolitan article that slightly misconstrued the intention of NASA’s Space Pace blog for kids. So fear not Leo, no one is mistaking you for a Virgo anytime soon.  

This couple’s wedding pictures are all over the internet after a Tom Hanks photobombed the newlyweds during their Central Park ceremony.  Insert your own, “Run Forrest Run” joke here.

Attention barbeque-philes! There’s an important cookout development you need to know about. Never again must you face the dreaded indecision of hot dog vs. hamburger - now you can have it all! Behold “The Hamdog”. A very clever man named Mark Murray has found recent success with his tasty sandwich invention at markets in Australia. Our fingers, and stomachs, are crossed that this tasty treat finds its way to the US. After all, they kinda owe us one after releasing the monstrosities of Vegemite and Fairy Bread!

A man walked into an Apple Store in Dijon, France and let them know what he thinks of their customer support - and FYI, he doesn’t care much for it. Wielding a heavy steel ball, he laid iPhones, iPods and MacBooks flat on their in-store displays and proceeded to smash them to bits. You won’t like iHulk when he’s angry!

A bear in a Polish zoo found himself a new - and dangerous - toy: an unexploded bomb from World War II. The bear, who lives in a zoo that is housed within a historic fort, was apparently playing with the bomb when a zoo visitor noticed the bear playing with a strange object and alerted officials. The howitzer was detonated and authorities used high-tech equipment to inspect for other bombs. You could say the situation got “Grizzly” for a second. No word yet if the bomb was strong enough to break the sound “Bear-ier.”   Zoo patrons called the incident a true “Kokiak” moment.  Alright, we agree, these puns are unbearable.