Princesses, Cheerios, Astronauts And More In The Weekly Spread!

Father’s Day was last weekend and most dads celebrate with a beer in one hand and barbeque tongs in the other. Some other dads had a different celebration in mind. May I present to you...the “Cheerio Challenge!” To compete in the challenge, all a dad needs is a box of Cheerios and a sleeping baby. The goal is to stack as many Cheerios on your baby’s head (or other limbs) as you can. The Cheerio Challenge record is 16 Cheerios in a single stack. Chip, chip stack, stack cheerio my friends!

Twitter is now engaged...with the launch of its new app, Engage. Engage allows Twitter celebs to filter out the trolls and only see @mentions from the important people, such as influencers and loyal fans. Twitter also got rid of the 30-second time limit for videos and users can now tweet videos up to 140 seconds. RIP Twitter rants about Twitter trolls and hello video rants about Twitter trolls!

Look, it’s a Cheeto! Wait, it’s Mac’n Cheese! No it’s Mac’n Cheetos! Just in time to celebrate all things America, Burger King has come out with a new “snack hybrid” called Mac’n Cheetos, deep-fried sticks of macaroni and cheese coated in Cheetos-flavored breading. Pause for Homer Simpson like sound effect. These extremely (un)healthy snacks will set you back a whole $2.49 for a pack of five.

Rosie the Riveter, Uncle Sam, astronaut? NASA is revving up its recruiting efforts with posters that have a 1940s flare...but in space. The posters are designed to boost recruitment for a future mission to Mars. The suits may not be the most fashionable but who doesn’t want to put “night shift duty on Mars’ moon” on their resume?

Insta-milestone: Instagram now has over 500 million users and over 300 million use the app daily. Try not to think about that when you look at your number of followers.

Once upon a time, girls who played with the Disney Princess dolls developed stereotypical gender roles and stereotypes; well that is according to a study out of Brigham Young University. Of the 200 preschoolers, the study found that girls were more likely to think that dolls, tea sets, and cookware were staples in the “Girls Only’ club. Surprisingly enough, the Disney Princesses had a positive effect for boys because they balanced out all the “hyper-masculine superhero” stuff in the “boys” section...And together they lived happily ever after. The end.

Four words that can make anyone’s day, actually life, better...World’s. Biggest. Nerf. Gun. Yes, you read that correctly. Mark Rober is the inventive angel from heaven that has graced us all with this magical gift. Who knew that a 3000 psi paintball tank + (toilet plungers x pool noodles) = Nerf darts that can reach up to 40 mph and fly over 130 yards. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe this miracle.  Now if you excuse us we’re going to borrow a football field to play the largest game of lawn darts ever!

The UK said peace out to the EU. The 28-country European Union is singing “baby please don’t go” but the polls don’t  lie. In the wake of the exit, Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron resign from his position and global markets have plunged (not good) *sips tea.* #Brexit