Red Swimsuits, Fyre Fails, and Banana Phones, All This & More In The Weekly Spread!

Has your Instagram feed been overtaken by the same image of a model in a red swimsuit? Earlier this week Sunny Co. Clothing announced that "EVERYONE" who posted that photo to Instagram would receive a free swimsuit, vastly underestimating how many 'grammers would be enticed by such an amazing offer. Sunny Co. tried to get a handle on the (immediately) overwhelming amount of engagement by announcing a limit to the contest after the fact, but the damage had already been done. Twitter was all too happy to start roasting Sunny Co. and this unfortunate event will doubtless live in social media marketing infamy. If only they'd asked a SocialToaster, we could've given them some pointers to avoid the situation!

In an effort to monitor the social media site’s potential violent content, and in response to recent abhorrent acts shown via the network’s live streaming feature, Facebook has recently hired 3000 new employees to keep an eye on the video content of the site and potentially prevent other such tragedies from being aired. While the company predicts that computers may soon have the capabilities to monitor such content; for the time being, Facebook is responding to the urge to take action by implementing a human eye to monitor and analyze content.

“Fyre Festival” continues to consume headlines, this week the festival was hit with its third lawsuit. After months of hype and model-studded videos of fun on the beach (that blew the event budget), concert-goers from all over flocked to what they had been told was a luxury music festival on an island in the bahamas that had previously been owned by Pablo Escobar. Much to their horror and dismay however, attendees arrived to find the festival looking very different from what was promised and in a state of utter disorganization. The current lawsuits read something like the Hunger Games, with accounts of terrible meals, thievery and near-death experiences. The organizers behind this catastrophe certainly are under fyre now. Get it! Like the festival name!

Are we prepared for the apocalypse yet? World renowned physicist Stephen Hawking says that he believes the time is ticking away for how long we humans have to survive on Earth. By his estimations, we’ve only got about a century. This idea comes out in a new documentary that BBC will be releasing this summer. According to Hawking, we should be well on our way to colonizing Mars within at least the next 100 years, lest we stay and watch the Earth fizzle out with us on it. Not only is he concerned about climate change, but Hawking also cites other threats to humanity on Earth, like disease and artificial intelligence. (Editor’s note: I for one welcome our new robot overlords!)  

Yesterday, on May the 4th (be with you), Queen Elizabeth called an emergency meeting and the internet exploded with Star Wars jokes complete with Galactic takeover plans to lightsabers photoshopped into the Queen’s hands. The news from the palace turned out to be of Prince Philip’s retirement from being a prince. At 95, he decided he’s getting a bit too old for all the waving. Still maintaining the title, he will abdicate his role of appearing at public events and ceremonies and thus have plenty of time to relax and enjoy his tea and crumpets. Or whatever the Brits due with their free time.

Wish you could go back to a simpler time? We’ve got the phone for you: a real life Banana Phone. Thanks to a campaign on IndieGogo, you can now purchase a fully equipped, bluetooth enabled, yellow banana shaped phone for only $40 dollars. If only the Harry Potter Puppet Pals were around to see this!

Just in time for another work week, the caffeinated bagel is now a thing! The “Espresso Buzzed Bagel” has been rolled out by the Franken-chefs of Einstein Bagels. The bagel contains about 32mg of caffeine (roughly a third of a cup of coffee), so don’t expect it to replace your morning cup o’ joe.

John Snow fans rejoice! With the penultimate season set to air in the summer, HBO has confirmed that they are creating up to four separate spinoffs. Everything from potential prequels and sequels to miniseries means that we’re just starting to crack the surface of the world of Westeros. Time to brush up on your Dothraki.

Prom season is well underway, and it seems each year there’s an over-the-top ask that ruins it for the rest of us. This year, that ask comes from Kristen Bell. Borrowing from the Disney movie Frozen, Kristen went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to help a Kristoff costume wearing Michael ask an Anna-dressed Sarah to the prom. Of course she said yes, and we assume the two will live happily ever after. Ain’t young love swell?

Today is Cinco de Mayo! Tomorrow may be the time to indulge in Mint Juleps, but today belongs to the Margarita! A tangy, sour/sweet cup of deliciousness that, when made right, is the perfect balance of tequila and happiness. Make it wrong though, and it’s a high fructose mess that doesn’t belong anywhere close to your party. So what’s the right recipe? Glad you asked!

SocialToaster’s Margarita of Perfection Recipe

  • 1 ½ oz. Tequila Blanco
  • 1 oz. Cointreau (sub Triple Sec if you’re in a pinch)
  • 1 ½ oz. fresh squeezed lime juice

That’s it! Simple to make and clean to drink.

If you want to jazz it up a bit you can add ½ oz orange juice and/or some simple syrup to taste.

And lastly, this adorable video of a small child losing his mind over a fire truck.