Republicans, Aliens, Kardashians, And More In The Weekly Spread!

It happened, it finally (and quite shockingly) happened. Donald Trump officially accepted the Republican party’s nomination for prez. This is not a drill people! It’s been an eventful week for the GOP, who have been partying in Cleveland all week for their national convention. There were some well-known faces and some new faces. Trump introduced his VP, Mike Pence, and his wife, Melania, gave a familiar, yet memorable speech. But at the end of the day, when the parties don’t get their way: Republicans boo, and Democrats toot.


The Donald wasn’t the one having all the fun at the GOP Convention. Stephen Colbert took over the stage to shoot a “Hunger Games” parody as part of his “Hungry for Power Games” segment. Dressed as Caesar Flickerman, played by Stanley Tucci in the films, Colbert mocked Trump, was escorted away by security, and then threatened to cut the main power line. All in a day’s work for the late night host. He was also joined by his fellow political comedian, Jon Stewart, who couldn’t stay away from the election for long.


Oh boy do we have a swiftuation! Kim Kardashian posted video footage to her Snapchat of Kanye West reciting some lyrics of his infamous song “Famous” to none other than Taylor Swift. The “evidence” shows West calling Swift to get approval of his lyrics and consent to mention her in his song, even though back in February Swift said the call never happened. It’s all a bunch of he said, she said. Cue celeb reactions and insert more feuds. Taylor responded on her own social media and she “would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.” Who needs excuses when you have this go-to line for every situation, like if you could potentially face jail time. Are you Team Tay-Tay or Team Kimye?


The comic book world is getting its first transgender superhero. Chalice, a trans “hero for the new age” will be the lead protagonist in the upcoming superhero series “Alters.” Author Paul Jenkins said he wants Chalice’s "persona to represent something meaningful."


Houston, do we have a problem...or aliens? Theories orbited on YouTube earlier this week that NASA purposely cut a live stream video from the International Space Station to cover up the appearance of a UFO. Youtuber Streetcap1 launched the theories into the Internet universe when they posted a clip from the stream on their channel. You can see a bright object enter the frame, the suddenly technical problems begin. NASA said UFNO and denied any conspiracies. When all else fails...aliens.


You can now join the Twitter elite of the blue and white check-marked! Twitter is rolling out an application process to be verified. Usually the symbol is reserved for celebs, politicians, and other VIPs. So yes, you can live tweet like a celeb. To this day, only 0.06 percent of the 310 million monthly users are verified. Better get to submitting.