Rescued Castaways, Facebook Bots, Mowgli and More In The Weekly Spread!

Get ready for a new spin on the adventures of Mowgli and Baloo! Disney has created a “live action” return of The Jungle Book. The film is a feat of computer generated imagery, with the kid who plays Mowgli frolicking around with a host of CGI critters. Seems like a demanding acting challenge, but fair enough as some of these critter’s real-life equivalents are endangered and could be a little bit difficult to work with. We’ve already started joyfully humming “The Bare (Bear?) Necessities”, but reviews are saying that this recycled version lacks some of the sweetness and charm of the beloved 1967 animated version.

In other news from Hollywood, Ben Affleck is officially directing the next Batman movie (Bringing the Argo fire!) and James Cameron has announced that instead of making an Avatar sequel, he’s going to make four of them. Well, he had already planned on there being three but there’s just so much going on that there must needs be a fourth. And we thought splitting the Hobbit into three movies was stretching the story. Looks like we won’t be seeing the end of this particular saga until Christmas 2023.

Spring has sprung! If you’ve been itching for some quality outdoors time as the weather warms and the flowers bloom, grab your tent and boots and head to one of the country's most handsome national parks! Starting tomorrow, April 16, is U.S. National Park Week which means free admission to the 500 plus parks in the system! We know we’re all about the tech world, but why not celebrate 100 years of National Park service by taking a little break from the internet and getting down with nature? If anything you can get some great fodder for future #tbt posts!  

In a recent movie moment, three unfortunate castaways were rescued from a tiny island near the Federated States of Micronesia after a Navy aircrew saw their “HELP” written backwards in the sand with some palm tree fronds. Sometimes when you’re in a real pickle, you just have to ask yourself “What would Tom Hanks do?”. No word yet on if a volleyball was recovered along side them, but one can hope!

According to a recent study, Snapchat is the most popular social network among teens. Sorry, Facebook and Instagram. It is hard to compete with the Snapchat emoji stickers that can now move with your Snapstory video! Facebook is hot on the competitive tracks, however, with the “Facebook Lite” app growing fast and the new Facebook bots that want to overpower apps. In another effort to make things quick and easy, Facebook also wants to get rid of the username and password step on smartphones with Account Kit. All these steps take Facebook a step further in their plan to document every single aspect of an individual’s life (Note: This may not be their plan, but it sure seems like it!).

Instagram has its own drama to deal with as Selena Gomez has dethroned Taylor Swift as the most followed user. But really, there doesn’t seem to be any Bad Blood here. Separated by just a couple million followers, Taylor and Selena both clearly possess the strategy, charm and Style to win Instagram success. Taylor will just have to Shake It Off. In third place, Kim Kardashian is happy just to be able to declare how much she loves social media (we quote: “I love social media! #SocialMediaAppreciationPost”). #deepthoughtsfromKim

Pennsylvania will soon become the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana. The Senate approved a version of the bill earlier this week, preventing the use of smokable marijuana but allowing oils and tinctures for medical purposes. Looks like that means this pizza box from startup ‘Push for Pizza’ that also functions as a marijuana smoking device might be a bit ahead of it’s time for a national rollout. But hey, there’s always the classic hollow pen in coke bottle if you’re feeling the need to get creative with your smoking.