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In the world of B2B, which in the scope of this blog post stands for business-to-business and not the Rolling Stones’ album Bridges to Babylon, CRM (customer relationship management, not Club Ricky Martin) tools are a vital part of the sales nurturing process. Leading the pack in CRM tools, is a global enterprise software company based in San Francisco, California. Founded in 1999, the company may be best known for its name-sake, customer relationship management product. However is more than just a one-trick pony, they’ve also developed successful products in marketing, social performance management, and tons of cloud-based applications designed to help businesses run more efficiently. pulled in 2.27 billion in revenue in 2012 (up 37% year-over-year). The company is so awesome that Fortune Magazine rated it number 27 in the top 100 best companies to work for in 2012, in part for its philanthropic efforts. donated more than 3 million to various charities in 2012. So what is the company up to in 2013? Let’s find out in this week’s social media breakdown.
Content Quality
The Facebook page is filled with helpful and clever infographics, links to blog posts, and the occasional motivational quote like, “People who focus succeed.” The company’s twitter page features tweets linking to third party articles, tweets from the Foundation (its non-profit arm) and tweets promoting Ebooks and blog posts.
If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to work at, you can get a sneak peek with the Pinterest board “Around the Offices”. It’s fairly obvious why this company was rated one of the top companies to work for in 2012. You can play mini-golf in the office.  Let me repeat that, you can play mini-golf IN the office. You do not have to leave the office to enjoy the thrills that come with sinking a light blue ball fourteen feet through the legs of a gorilla uses its YouTube account to post demos and overviews of its products. Highly useful for any potential customers looking to learn more’s various offerings. Not interested in learning more about its products? No worries, has you covered with a variety of other fun videos. There is even a video outlining how helped Obama successfully win the 2012 election. 
Ranking: 4 Toasts
Audience Engagement
As of the week of April 9, the Facebook page had over 200 thousand likes and over six thousand people talking about it. Recently, the company posted a photo of the original office back when it was founded in 1999. The photo proved to be very popular (even if it didn’t have indoor mini-golf), and garnered almost one thousand likes, over two hundred shares, and 54 comments. The company’s Twitter account  has almost 113 thousand followers and almost 24 thousand tweets.
The YouTube account has a little over 26 thousand subscribers and over ten million video views. The most popular video is titled “What is Cloud Computing?” This animated video provides a brief overview of the mechanics and benefits behind cloud-based applications and has been viewed more than one million times.’s official Pinterest account features 12 boards, 212 pins, and over 16 thousand followers. Board titles include, “Infographics,” “San Francisco Lifestyle,” “Great Reads,” and “Humor & Fun.” So which of these boards has the most pins? An ode to entitled, “I love working at b/c.” This Pinterest board is filled with pictures of employees holding chalkboards that state why they love working at   
Ranking: 3.5 Toasts
As a company, is known for being innovative. After all innovation is its bread-and-butter. Without constantly tweaking and upgrading its products, wouldn’t be able to meet the changing needs of its customer base. We’re not the only ones that think of as a truly innovative company; Forbes has named it #1 on its list of the most innovative companies. 
However, for a B2B company to be truly innovative it needs to break ground in ways other than product development. does this through its foundation. This philanthropic extension of helps make products available to non-profit and higher education institutions at a steep discount. To date the foundation has helped over 18,000 non-profit/higher education organizations.  If that’s not enough giving for you, then hold onto your gift-wrapping arm. The foundation also helps support the philanthropic initiatives of the employees by giving each employee 6 days off to volunteer for the charity of their choice. 
Ranking: 3.5 Toasts
Thrill Factor
It’s not a secret that most people don’t get completely jazzed when it comes to B2B companies and their products; however is definitely more of the exception than the rule. The thrill factor for this B2B giant comes not from famous celebrities (although tying your content to Obama can’t hurt), but instead from its employees. employees love working for, and the energy expressed by its employees through its social media content is almost contagious. You can’t look at any of’s YouTube videos without getting so excited you start chanting, “WE NEED SALESFORCE! WE NEED SALESFORCE!” so loud that your cube-mates noticeably edge their chairs away from you.   
Ranking: 4 Toasts
With 37% growth in each of the past two years, is an undisputed leader in B2B CRM software. When you’re the leader in customer relationship management software, it’s imperative that you provide top-notch customer service to your own customers. After all, how is a customer going to trust in your product if they can’t trust in you? To this end,’s most successful social media content is the content that provides support value to its customers. The infographics are fun, and the quotes are great, but it’s this support content that is the most impactful. By continuing to put customer support front and center, and providing tools for employees and fans of the company to better evangelize their love of the brand, will no doubt see another banner year. 
Ranking: 4 Toasts
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